The Watchtower Org will die.

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  • steve2

    Will die? Some argue "Yes!", others "No!"

    Undisputed Fact No. 1:

    There are no more large annual growth rates of JWs in Western countries, with several reporting close to 20 years of very slow growth and/or years of decrease.

    For example, my homeland, New Zealand:









    Meanwhile, over that two-decade period, a total of 7,893 (totalling close to 60% of current JWs) were baptized. Whilst the fit between baptisms and publishers cannot be pinpoint (given unbaptized publishers must be reporting witnessing time before bieng baptized, looking from the standpoint of two decades, we are left with a clear picture of membership decline despite close to 8,000 baptisms.

    Undisputed Fact No. 2:

    A solid core of adherents stick to religious groups long after decline sets in. Examples include the various off-shoots of Charles Taze Russell's milenialist teachings, Christadelphians and Exclusive Brethren.

    So, "both" views have elements of truth in them:

    Growth in the West will continue to slow but JW org in the West ain't disappearing anytime soon.

  • kairos


    I agree with you. The CSA situation is too much.
    The general population will take note of this.

    For a few reasons:

    Despicable crime, evidence of systemic cover-up and in my opinion, the most damning... The self righteous stance the JWs have taken for all of these years regarding 'good conduct' and 'moral reputation' that makes the JWs set aside as "God's special people". Nope, JWs will be seen as glaring hypocrites, pointing the finger, but missing the FACT they they were indeed amongst the worst of the worst.

    When the time comes, as even the most devout JWs cannot admit to being members anymore, it will have already ended for watchtower.

    I believe it already is over, myself. It's just the final dividing up of the assets ( that's clearly visible in the mass sell offs and cost cutting measures that the GB themselves are sharing with us on the broadcasts ).

    Show's over...

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    as the elderly life long dubs now die off---and those with a reasonable amount of intelligence accept they have been conned and fade away--it will just leave the hard core bat shit crazy that need the watchtower to make their decisions for them.

    however--that last category include the poor pioneers--the unemployable--the large family / low income types that are really of no use to the mothership. they dont put enough money in the pot.

    so--the smart money will move out of watchtower bricks and mortar--just leaving an empty shell to rehash the same old nonsense theyve been good at for the last 100 years.

    i give it one more generation.

  • Crazyguy
    Unfortunately this cults not going to die anytime soon, their is to many gullible people that just follow along not thinking or questioning anything they hear or are taught. As long as their are people out there like this cults will continue.
  • kaik
    I do not think WT will die out during anyone life's poster on JWN. As other had said, it is religious group not centered on work and ideology of one person. It survived Rutherford, and it will survive anyone else. It will transform to fit it purpose and niche in world where people are gullible for trading their present well being for promise in paradise that will arrive shortly. I will see a change how this organization is run from Knorr's business model of 1950's to modern IT age religious influence. This will happen once the boomer and older generation in the leadership dies out and a younger crowd that is influenced in IT media will take a lead.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    You see, this is the prime example of why the Borg sees so much increase in 3rd world countries. People who have limited access to the internet and where information control is paramount.

  • Skedaddle
    @Kaik - WT name has been DESTROYED on the internet. And their name will continue to get worse on the internet so how do you see a ''younger crowd'' joining? Not in the West! They have NOTHING to offer! People just aren't that gullible any more. They're too clued up. The days of drip feeding the crappy side of being a jdub are gone. Now, in 10 minutes on youtube, you can get the raw deal on all the stuff they try to keep hidden until they've got you. Sorry, I don't agree with you at all.
  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    As for the younger JWs being more IT savvy, there is no doubt. But, imagine you are a householder, and you simply 'Google' the term 'Jehovah's Witness.' Don't type 'abuse,' or 'lawsuits,' just 'Jehovah's Witness.' Then, click the Google "News" icon. Try it, right now... it? See the results? They are from actual news outlets, not random 'apostates.' Now ask yourself, as a non-JW householder, why would ANYONE in their right mind be attracted to this group? With headlines like "Groomed Girl for Sex," or "Pedophile Cover-up," or "JW Elder Arrested for Abuse," I would RUN, not walk away from JWs at my door, or at the outdoor carts!! I'd also give them a piece of my mind before slamming the door in their smug faces.

    I think the JW.ORG IT department, is mostly impressive to those who are already in, and that it will continue this way. The very fact that sites like THIS one are checked out by so many JW 'lurkers' speaks volumes. Social media has more than 'leveled the playing field.' And, as I mentioned, only the most gullible, and uninformed Non-JW would be attracted to this cult.

  • steve2
    Nowadays, recruitment is overwhelmingly from born-ins, in contrast to the past when converts made up the bulk of new blood.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Nowadays, recruitment is overwhelmingly from born-ins, in contrast to the past when converts made up the bulk of new blood.''

    Well, sometimes I wonder???? When they publish articles about remaining 'single' and stuff.

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