The Watchtower Org will die.

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  • 2+2=5
    I don't believe there has been any growth in developed countries like Australia, Britian and the U.S. in the last 10 years. Whatever growth has been reported by the WTS is just numbers propaganda for the rank and file, it isn't the 'truth'.
  • stuckinarut2
    Sadly, logic and facts are not enough to wake many people up.....
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I just want to add that if the Governments impose a 'tax' on Religion, I could see the Borg getting even weirder and weirder. Demanding to 'obey strange instructions'. By commanding 'life-saving instructions' not to benefit the rank and file, but to save their own behinds. Things like imposing a hard-line tithing practise, or demanding rank and file dubs to give most of their 'valuable things'. Hardly would be surprising.
  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you and believe the religion is worthless and I'd never want to be around the caliber of people there nowadays! It's heyday is long gone!

    But, aside from people trying to free trapped relatives inside... people should move on with their own lives and forget the religion. I know it's easier said than done BUT it is the healthiest thing!

    The religion's scandals are being exposed more as time goes by and their ruthless attitude towards their volunteers is becoming publicly known. I'm glad about that. It's small progress.

    But, nobody should hold their breath waiting for the JW religion to disappear because it may linger in some form!


    While it is entirely possible the religion may institute hardline things like tithing (for its own survival), I cannot feel pity for anybody who gives money to them!

  • pepperheart

    By what i have read the watchtower org is shrinking i say that because all these branch headquaters have closed

    ireland estonia guatemala el salvador costa rica honduras and panama.

    Since 2005 the watchtower and awake magazines were reduced by 39% in size and since jan 2016 the watchtower and awake magazines have gone bimonthly and they are undated so that a magazine could be given out six or 12 months after it was published.

    Both new york and london bethels are moving from prime city centre sights.and the london bethel will not be printing any magazines in the future as they will be coming from germany.

    Sam hurd has said that 1000s of people that used to work at bethel will be kicked out

  • Freeandclear
    Nice comments so far. Okay so perhaps I was a bit optimistic in my 10 years idea but definitely we see signs of the death rattle coming. It's dying for sure. Once the current die hards are gone I either see the total death of this religion or a complete transformation into something more socially acceptable all touted off as "new light" bit by bit over the coming decades. It has to change or it will die altogether. Kind of like an alcoholic with liver damage. Change or die.
  • pepperheart
    It will be very intresting to watch what happens these next years because they have trimmed a lot of the easy fat off and they have started selling the family silver off ie new york and london but once that money is used up then we will be seeing real cuts around the world ie local kingdom halls
  • JW_Rogue
    I don't think they are going anywhere for awhile, numbers may decrease but they will still be around. They may stop the printing presses but they will still be publishing to Think about this they have survived false predictions about 1914, 1925, 1975, and the generation that will not pass away. Still the followers are there they are trapped.
  • LisaRose

    Access to information only helps when people are willing to look at it. I do believe the internet has caused a slow down in growth and will continue to make it more difficult for the Watchtower to recruit new members, but there are still many areas where the internet is not widely available. Even in areas where the internet is available it's no guarantee, as the Watchtower belief system appeals to people who are struggling with life issues and seeking simplistic answers. If people are desperate for hope they are less likely to question things. Of course once people start a study they are quickly warned about any information critical of the Watchtower, at that point it's usually too late.

  • MarkofCane
    As long as you have sheep you will always have shepherd's.

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