The Watchtower Org will die.

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    And for every Jdub who leaves, it's another exjdub trying to bring them down because we're all angry.

    An excellent point and one I hadn't really considered. The ex-jw community is certainly growing. And most of us are reaching out to our friends and families in small ways and big.

    The more that leave the WT the bigger our community becomes. And the bigger our community becomes the more influence we have in helping others leave.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    To illustrate my earlier point, here are two screen shots, based on a Google News search.

    This was from a search under the words 'Jehovah's Witness:'

    This result is from the term 'Methodist Church:'

    See a difference? I just chose 'METHODIST' randomly. You'd probably get a similar result from 'Nazarene,' or 'Lutheran.' Anyway, I don't see how anyone, in THIS day and age of instant information, in the Western world, could fall for such a twisted religion/cult as the JWs. Not saying the Methodists are all saints, but JUST LOOK AT THE F-ING DIFFERENCE between those search results!!

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