The Watchtower Org will die.

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Skedaddle, maybe you are not familiar with the phrase "There's a sucker born every minute."

    Nothing has changed since that phrase was first uttered. Although it may be your heart's desire to see the WTB&TS collapse (and it is mine also), reality isn't determined by what we wish would happen.

    As long as there are ignorant, emotion-driven people gullible for the promise of "Sky-Cake" or "Pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by-when-you-die", there will be people getting baptized at JW Assemblies.

    Fortunately, baptism is the FIRST STEP to becoming an XJW.

  • Skedaddle


    I agree but just because some gullible people want to get dunked doesn't mean their contributions will be enough to keep the circus open.

    I'm very optimistic. We're in unknown territory right now and the org have turned to the very place (internet based) where they're being exposed. Huge mistake!

  • pepperheart

    Money even if they do get lots of people in africa and asia if they dont have money then they can not give much to the local kingdom hall or the www

    Age when people get old they die and just to keep the numbers the same you need new people to come in or else the group gets smaller so rather than having 6 kngdom halls in a city you might get 5 and then 4 etc and of course when people die they cant give any more money (apart from wills)

  • kaik
    Young people with age and will get old. There is sucker born in every generation. WT has a niche on religious market and no amount of available information will change that. It the same for people who go to Syria from Europe because they are enticed by radical ideology. It is the same when people who never experienced communism, they horrors are known since 1930's show trials, yet they find the ideology enticing and acceptable. No amount of information will persuade these people that they believe in BS. I heard that WT will be gone 20 years ago when I left KH. It is still here, it has several millions of followers. WT outlived several of its prominent figures, and it has not moved into obscurity. Generation that is IT savvy is already approaching middle age, and like any generation before them or afterward will experience some problems where the WT will offer nice escape. WT will be here long after anyone on JWN posting today will be long gone.
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    I was dunked 1990 at 17 years old same story as you bro!! Cant get the years and money back.
  • Skedaddle
    Can't compare it with back then. That's why i said unknown territory. Internet. All it needs is a big blow up in the media and boom. Over. And that's coming. And they know it.
  • crazy_flickering_light

    Skedaddle, I also think so, there's a big change ahead. My sugestion is, in september the new temple in Warwick is finished, a new year (witness-years from october to september) starts, most of the kingdomhalls got beamer or screens, most publisher got a tablet and the midweekmeeting nearly finished the book-study. So there'll be a good point for the next "big thing".

    And the publisher in the cong more and more bored.

  • Vidiot

    Beth Sarim - "...Well, sometimes I wonder???? When they publish articles about remaining 'single' and stuff."

    "Marry only in the lord" vs. "stay single to serve 'Jehovah'" is really just a tactic to keep the membership off-balance and dependent.

  • Vidiot

    Freeandclear - "Why oh why when I started into this in 1989 did I not research the history of the WTBTS?"

    If I had to guess... the time, the WTS happened to fill some need, and you - subconsciously - didn't want to discover that they may be false.

  • mrquik
    It is money & not the hand of God Almighty that keeps this cult running. The decline of members in developed countries means less money from those who can afford to donate. The increase of members in third world countries is just as damaging as they can't afford to donate while raising expenses. Born in children now will see the damage & financial strain their parents are facing. They may stay in but will make damn sure of taking care of themselves first. Toward the end of my JW life, I donated nothing. I'm sure many are doing the same today. Once they burn through existing assets, (and this is accelerating) this cult will only exist as an oddity with just a small core of diehard members. I hope to live long enough to see their demise.

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