I didn't think my JW family could find another way to hurt me but...

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  • alamb

    I am so sorry Essie. Hurt put on you through the use of your own children is the most painful.

    Please write me...and welcome back.

  • Reborn2002

    You know the more I sit and think about this topic and what happened to Essie the madder I get. Examples like this remind me why I hate Jehovah's Witnesses and find the Watchtower cult so damaging to society in general. This is not an isolated case. My brother attempted to use my nephew as leverage and stated that I would only be allowed to associate as an uncle to my blood relative nephew if I returned to meetings and behaved as an active Jehovah's Witness. His wife recently gave birth to their second child, so now I have two nephews I never see because of the religion their parents believe in. What type of love is blackmail? Horrifying examples like these happen every day to thousands of people. It is necessary to remind ourselves of that from time to time to strengthen our resolve and rationale for why some of us crusade to expose the truth about The Troof and aid in the downfall or lessening of the influence of the WTS.

    There is no such thing as compromising with fanaticism. There is no rationalizing with madness. The Jehovah's Witnesses teachings destroy families (shunning, DF, DA), murder children (by a blood doctrine), promote molestation of kids (silentlambs) etc.

    There should be no mercy for JW's or their kind. Period.


  • cruzanheart

    Essie, I am so sorry that happened. If anyone pulled that stunt on either of my kids, I'd be downright homicidal. And what a horrible position for your daughter to find herself! Life is tough enough to figure out when you're 7 without having adult agendas interfering.

    Lots of hugs,


  • safe4kids

    Hey again (((((((Essie))))))

    I'm having major...MAJOR computer problems right now...grrrrr and I don't even know if I will be able to post this...anyway, I agree with the general consensus that your sister and other family members have lost their privileges as regards spending time with your daughter. To put her in such an awful position...it doesn't even bear thinking about! My heart goes out to all of you; please give little Essie and Mr. Essie hugs from me. I also have to say tho, that I am so impressed by your strength, as always, my dear friend.

    I would email you but I'm not even sure THAT'S working on this goldanged, bloody confounded, blasted a** computer!!! I'd like to talk to you so I'll try to check with Seven and get your #...Seven, if you read this, please give me a call?? Thanks ((((((('butt buddies)))))))) (inside joke).



  • Number 6
    Number 6

    Their evil knows no bounds does it?

    It is at times like this that I realise one can argue forever as to the 587/607 nonsense and any other doctrinal crap.

    It is their inhumane treatment of their own flesh and blood and incidents like this we read DAILY on this board that PROVE beyond a doubt they are not God's chosen organisation.

    As someone who suffered at their hands in a family wedding situation my heart goes out to you.

    'God's Channel on Earth? My Arse!!!'


  • Mulan

    This is the second time I had to write this, since I got the error page for some reason. GRRRRR! I hope I remember what I wrote, because it was good.

    (((((((((((Essie)))))))))))) I missed this thread over the weekend, no doubt due to our own little drama, with the elders.

    I am just so sorry for what happened with your little gal. But, if she were my daughter, I would build her up about being the flower girl, and underplay the deception. It is a huge thing in her life, and she won't forget it, so she may as well have good memories about the day. Someone owes you pictures, BIG time, and I wouldn't rest until I got them either. If you have to, tell them you want to make a little album for her to keep. Not every little girl could have been the flower girl, without advance preparation and I think she needs to feel good about herself for that.

    She is smart enough to know deep inside herself, that what they did was despicable.

    Just a bit of fluff: When Princess was 6, she was going to be the flower girl for her 19 year old cousin. At the last minute, she wouldn't walk down the aisle, but she got a pretty new dress and was in all the pictures. 12 years later, that same cousin was one of the bridesmaids in Princess' wedding.

  • jschwehm

    Wow! I agree with the rest of the peanut gallery. If your daughter were my child they would not be seeing my child again without a major apology and even after that they would not be seeing my child again unless they were supervised.

    Jeff S.

  • Mystery

    I am so sorry to hear about all of this.

    Regarding the divorce between you and your X; I had my divorce decree changed when I moved out of state with my sons. They visit him every other Christmas and during the summer months. I don't know if you would want your daughter with your X for the summer months, especially if he associates with your family. But if you do want to move, it might be a consideration.

    The best thing I ever did was to completely move away from my family. But my situation is different from your. My X lives near my family, but he isn't a JW and would never make my kids go to the KH. They visit my family on the days that there are no meeting.

    ((((Essie))) I am so sorry.

  • SloBoy


    Just another example of how adherents of a religion that claims to cherish family structure, will stoop to such deceit. It probably didn't even occur to them that they were doing that poor child great emotional harm by using her in their scam.Their protestations of how they so love "their young ones" is once again sadly transparent. Stay strong, stay focused, don't panic, and thank god for this site.

  • DJ


    A classic. I see my family pulling a similar stunt and I see my mom reacting just like yours did. It is all so familiar. It never ceases to amaze me and I think that IS my problem. I need to expect the worst behavior possible from them at all times. That way I will never be shocked again. You set yourself up Essie, just like I do! Your little girl was most likely treated as very special by them and she will always treasure it secretly....which will cause her guilt if she feels the need to hide that from you. How awful. I agree with the posters who said to get pictures and be happy for her. I need to learn the lesson that you have just been given. That's to never let my guard down and keep all contact to an absolute minimum. It hurts so much, doesn't it? Nevermind a religion difference.....what the hell ever happened to common courtesy with these people? I am appalled again and again. They are so full of deceit. I wish that I would stop being a sitting duck. . They are truly sick. I am offering you cyber(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) Essie. I always seem to become my own worst enemy at times like this and try to figure out what I could have done to have caused this kind of behavior. I hope that you won't do that. There's no excuse.....none. love, dj

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