I didn't think my JW family could find another way to hurt me but...

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  • Jayson

    Stormfront & Essie,

    My dad warned me against taking a 'hard line' with my sister.

    In my "hardline" with my JW family I was told the same thing. And "You had better stop messing with things that you do not understand." I also was told that "I am taking away their 1st Amendement and I had better think about that." Last was "are you so cold hearted that I would take my kids family away from them." (Its not from them its for them. But the JW's just don't get it.)

    Gosh this thread takes me down memory lane.

    Essie the screaming yelling and threating that my father in law did after I drew the line including debunking the false doctrine of the WT was done in front of my children and my wife.

    My 3 year old son goes to a top notch Chistian Acadamy. There he is learing the principles of Christ's teachings at a childs level. Every day my JW family did something to make my wife cry. Every day. They worked in our business and it sucked. But after that stupid confrontation my son said that his Grandpa needs to say he is sorry. Which he would not. Then when the phonecalls started (the new best friend thing) he said that if these people keep hurting Mom then we need to tell them that they have to go away and leave us alone. (so simple) I said O K. He then said "I guess we are alone then." And I said no that we are a family you me mom and your little sister that is in moms tummy. (Yes imagine being pregnant with all this Essie. My wife started having problems even bleeding they stressed her so bad I really thought we were going to loose the baby) I told him that we are a family that I love him with all my heart and I will never never stop loving him no matter what. He said THATS RIGHT WE ARE A FAMILY! And he has never asked about them again. Kids are Gods representatives ON Earth. People who try to corrupt them piss me off.

  • bluesapphire
    My dad warned me against taking a 'hard line' with my sister. I told him, Dad, my door is always open to her. But this sneaking, deception, and divide and conquer tactic will not be tolerated anymore. By me, or by my husband. We made this decision as a family, and my sister is going to have to act like an adult.

    It's going to be all or nothing, the choice is up to my sister.

    You know nothing really is humorous about this experience ((((Essie)))). But I can't help but laugh at this comment. You know your sister would say, "It's all up to Essie ... she made this decision when she left Jehovah. None of this would be happening bla bla bla."

    It's a no win situation with JWs. But like someone else already stated, THEY give the best witness to the world. No one reads the Watchtower and Awake rags. They end up in the trash. But you can bet that anyone who knows of this situation and goes to work with a JW, they will tell it. And it will multiply and we could have some satisfaction in that. Especially when those "worldlings who lack natural affection" tell it to the JWs who come to their doors. That's why this has to be their last generation. No way they will have much in the way of converts in the future. They better put a stop to JWs using birth control because that's the only way they're going to survive.

    But you know the Watchtower would say, "We don't tell JWs to do those things. It is their own personal conscientious decision to shun."


  • obiwan

    Man! Each and every one of us has had some awful experience in the org and as adults we take alot of abuse and mostly throw it under the rug (so to speak). But you put children in the mix and boom one atomic explosion, I love the fact that so many people here rally for the children to protect them...to bad the borg can't show the same compasion. Don't let a jw mess with an ejw's kid!

  • dedalus


    I was told ... "You had better stop messing with things that you do not understand."

    ROTFLMAO! They really said that? Make's them sound like they're endowed with some otherworldly powers -- maybe Satan's? Hilarious.

    I was thinking more or less what Obiwan already wrote -- every now and then a post like Essie's comes along and reminds us all just how utterly insane and outrageous and inconsiderate and bigoted Witnesses can be. And when children get drawn into the mess ... well, yeah, it's then that the venomous parental fangs come out. So far my daughter (at 15 months) is blissfully unaware of all things stamped and sullied by the Organization, and I hope it stays that way forever. But what will I tell her when she asks about her grandfather, who won't eat with her father or mother, or her cousins, one of whom is her exact age, who aren't allowed to play with her?

    If anyone ever wonders why things become so heated and bitter here, maybe for some of us it's because we're holding so much in out in the real world, to protect our kids.


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