Now you don't even have to go to the Kingdom Hall - ALL meetings to be recorded & available on (if you have a password)

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Maybe they have no choice but to go this route with meetings only streamlined due to the influx of ''child abuse'' cases and lawsuits because of those. Could be a liability issue perhaps.
  • joe134cd
    Honestly the main stream churches have been doing this for years. Why should Wt be any different. I personally think it was a necessary step in the move toward modernization.
  • pbrow

    every time they use the term "JW" they are deliberately not using the greatest name on earth. Why do they hate jehovah so much????


  • careful
    Excuse my ignorance. Does anyone know what a "pregroup," mentioned several times in the letter, is? It must have come about since my fade.
  • Gayle

    This will no doubt be more convenient and cheaper for some (foreign language, ill, elderly, and isolated groups (?)) to not have to go to conventions, special programs too. Perhaps the foreign languages are not donating enough for the expense of assemblies/conventions??

    Makes me think about this trend. Will assemblies and conventions decrease?.

    The question is of the 'social' aspect of this. Although many will find this convenient, probably most need the social contact, meeting people, the 'not so feeling alone' as a JW locally. The youth, being social, will more turn toward the non-JW contacts at school. After all, it is not healthy for children to be so alone and they need to have "friends." But, to be sure, GB really don't care about youth, only that they "publish" and donate their ice cream money and get baptized young.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I think I mentioned on here the other day within a few years time EVERYTHING, will be digitalized. I mean everything!!

    What I'm saying is that out in FS everyone going to the calls in FS will have a tablet. They will show the householder the website, play a video or something and have the householder scan the Q.R. code with his/her own smartphone or iPhone and direct them right to

    All Sunday and midweek meetings will be recorded and available anytime anywhere. The Sunday meetings will probably have one of the GB record a talk and will be displayed by video at the KH.

    Everyone at the KH will have some kind of electronic device with ALL publications, including the study of the WT. I truly believe GONE are the days of paper copies for everything, including songbooks.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This too should make ''fading'' out of the Borg easier too. Since the JW's focus everything so much on ''appearances'', all one has to do now is say ''oh, I just watch the meetings on JWstream now''. That is when they are questioned about never being ''seen'', or confronted with ''we missed you at the meeting''.
  • RubaDub

    Does anyone know what a "pregroup," mentioned several times in the letter, is? It must have come about since my fade.

    careful ...

    I have not heard of the term "Pregroup" and I am still in the Borg.

    I am not sure of the exact definition by the Borg but Group has typically been used to designate a number of people that meet together but are not formally considered a congregation (i.e. receive regular CO visits, etc.) and may not have the official standardized weekly meetings. Perhaps a few foreign language families in an isolated area.

    A Group is not an official congregation. For example, here in the US, a city may have a Russian Group consisting of a few people. I believe they may even use the Kingdom Hall if there is space available. Once the decision is made that there are enough to form a congregation, then they are formalized as a congregation.

    I would only assume that a Pregroup would consist of only a very few people that are not at official Group status and likely just meet in someone's home.

    Rub a Dub

  • BluesBrother

    Sir 82 & Wifi Bandit ...Thank you Very Much !

    Now all we need is a password......

  • EndofMysteries
    Soon the GB will sell all KH's so they can make a lot of money, have everybody watch meetings from home. For the meetings everybody logs in from home, and for the WT study if you want to comment the speaker sees a notification of whose raising their hands and one gets to comment and be shown on video. For this service without having a KH, they'll have a mandatory $14.95 monthly donation per publisher for the service. Field circus meetings will be at old bookstudy homes.

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