Now you don't even have to go to the Kingdom Hall - ALL meetings to be recorded & available on (if you have a password)

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  • pepperheart
    selling K ingdom halls off it might be a lot sooner than 10 years down the line on a cart todat they were still giving december 2015 watchtowers and awakes
  • Vidiot

    jookbeard - "...KH and AH's will soon be next to be sold, 10 years down the line maybe less..."

    Ten bucks says that if it actually happens, the Org will spin it as having to go partially "underground" to carry on the preaching work.

  • bohm
    New fading technique: Hint you have social anxiety but watches the meetings from home.
  • joe134cd
    I have to agree in another 80 years time will just be a web sight with most of the properties sold off. There will be a few assembly halls spread around the world that people can go to.
  • Deltron3030

    My dad is an elder, and they announced at a Wednesday meeting that JW Stream would be available for disabled people, so now everybody is claiming to be disabled. Lol. He should have read the part of the letter that said there was no need to announce it! Every penny pinching lazy Jw that doesn't want to travel is getting the password. It shows how little they care about seeing each other face to face.

  • sir82

    All JW meetings are available in the US, in a multitude of languages. It stays up for a week, then is replaced by the next week's meeting.

    I've watched the English meetings on occasion. I believe it is videotaped in a Kingdom Hall somewhere in Florida.

    All circuit assemblies & regional conventions are available via streaming as well, again in a bazillion languages.

  • Vidiot

    Fits with Barb Anderson's theory that the Org is morphing into an e-religion...

    ...with, like, the lamest conspiracy-theory framework ever. :smirk:

  • LV101

    Sorry, The Listener - I hit the 'Dislike' in error. Gads - just ignore -- it was a previously post.

  • blondie

    Some congregations make it very difficult to get the appropriate password officially. One long-time elder was told that his elderly parents had to go to the KH during the meeting to get the password, which was updated every month. He was told that even he could not give the password to his parents.

    It may have changed since then but if the BOE controls access to the password, it will vary from congregation to congregation.

    I got the password from my jw mother in another congregation at a time when I had not attended a meeting for 3 years. Just out of curiosity I listened to 3 minutes of a public talk and 3 minutes of a discussion of one paragraph. I went out and vomited after that.

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