The Coronavirus Is Trump’s Fault!

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  • Simon

    This is a good read - the death rate may actually be no worse than the regular flu:

  • LV101

    StillTot - if crazy Joe is elected wonder if Korn Pop or the Clue Less Klan (white suits) will be running the show - every day it's more humorous. Clearly, Joe won't be calling shots. Bet some of the CLK suits still have the family Bible - doubtful any science majors.

    One renown, respected, medical, advisor, is comparing the Coronavirus to a cold (or was over a wk ago) for healthy individuals. Regular flu kills enough people yearly so this CV beast is distressing. Will check out this "good read" link.

  • no-zombie

    Guys, I don't want to get burned here. But the Caronavirus is nothing like the normal flu. Its not the death rate once you get the infection, people should be looking, but rather the transmission rate ... the R0 figure. And when you consider this number you will quickly discern that the Caronavirus has the potential total global death rate to match the Spanish Flu of 1918. A medical study released this week predicts that with an R0 figure of R4 to R7 (which is how this has become) shows that 1.8 million Americans are projected to die and millions more hospitalized is this disease become established in your country. The is NOT the ordinary flu ... the R0 figure is everything.

    no zombie

  • Finkelstein

    If any of you ever read my posts I’m very pro trump so yes it was sarcastic.

    And since most political leaders see Trump's presidency a hoax its only appropriate to make a topic thread a sarcastic hoax.

  • newsheep

    This just the beginning of what's to come and maybe we will wish that it would only be the coronavirus to deal with.But it's not. Toronto had to cancel some operations due to surgical gowns the surgeons wear were contaminated as well as some of their equipment and medical tools. There is also the problem of medications being put on hold because we just can't get them like antibiotics. Hospitals would be in trouble, diseases like TB would be on the rise and so on. I went to get my antacid filled and it's been on back order for two months due to this problem with China. So I went to look on the shelves and all three rows of shelves are empty along with gravol. People are stock piling alright.

  • Swift

    Woah you guys left J-dubs and joined the Trump cult? Well, your half-way I guess ;)

    <- been out since seven years ago just looking for news randomly

    Oh. How do you upload new avatar? I tried a 200x200 jpeg, png and then went down to 100x100 and 50x50 and none were working.

  • LV101

    Most political leaders - professional politicians - are a hoax as was the last president.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    There are an unusually high number of Trump supporters on this forum. I wonder what the correlation is between leaving JWs and joining Team Trump.

    I enjoy the way he throws the left's sanctimoniousness right back in their face, and I appreciate that he hasn't destroyed the country with his policies like the mainstream press claimed he would. But, he also has a lot of ye olde governing body untouchableness to him. No matter what he says, no matter what he does, he's always right and everyone else his wrong. Even when he flat out contradicts something he previously said. No, he didn't change his mind. No, he wasn't wrong before and right now or wrong now and right before. He was right both times and will be right again when he says something different next time!

    I can understand being a fan of his accomplishments, but I can't understand being a supporter of his as a human being.

  • RubaDub

    You must think the Pope is a religious nut too. Because Pence has religious values, that makes him a whacko?

    Min ...

    The Pope, GB, Priests, etc. are in the religious business.

    Pence is supposed to be a politician, not a religious zealot.

    Rub a Dub

  • eyeuse2badub

    If god is almighty..if..then he's to blame. IMHO!

    just saying!

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