Don't know what to do

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  • out4good4
    Baptism should be avoided at all costs, it will complicate things later and as u only have one functioning parent AT THE MOMENT try to keep things as calm as possible.

    Wow.....I continue to be in amazement of all the trouble that can be caused by being immersed in a pool of bleached tap water.

  • cyberjesus

    Tell your dad that why would you do that and become some one like him. He lost all love and patience.

    Wheres the love

  • macys
    This sounds like what I was going through for a while so I am so sorry to hear that. My advice to you, in now that I am talking to a ton of ex-JDubs is Lawyer Up! and sue the crude out of them and the WT ! Contact a local newspaper, put out ads in the locals whatever you have to do. I am sure there is at least one shark in your area willing to make a name for himself. If you do not win, you have helped to save a few lives when they read the newspaper. And if you do win, you will get some ca$h and save some lives! It is a win/win situation here.
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    My heart breaks for you. So many JWs force baptism on their youngsters. I feel your pain.

    Can you go away to school, get a good enough paying job to allow you to get a roommate at least?



  • looter

    Thanks all. Now about my family. I have an aunt and uncle who are jw and are very close with my father. They usually are the ones who stop my father from going off the handle on me. Unfortunately, they live like 200 miles upstate and have like 5 kids so their hands are full. I also have a niece who is like 11 years older than me and not a witness who lives in the same county as me. Dad has a little grudge against her. He doesn't really get along with her even though she is seriously like a mother to me. We have a mother son type of bond but she's living with her boyfriend and I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with that but I think she'd take me in. Her father who is my brother is in prison.

    Just wish getting baptized wasn't such a big deal to my father. Why does he have to make it so stressful when it is suppose to be a personal decision? I'm glad to have so much amount of help here. That is the best thing about this forum. I once tried to reason with my dad about 2 months ago but that resulted in a bad physical altercation. In his mind, if it is not a Jehovah's witness, then it's wrong. I like what brusbrother said. I'm going to put on my best behavior and stall without telling a lie. I'm not really interested in the military even though its benefits are great.

  • Scully
    Tell him you want to follow Jesus' example and get baptized at the age of 30.
  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    To whomever gave me the negative rating, I was simply adding to what Wing Commander said. Not trying to persuade the poster to actually JOIN or not. Simply trying to lay out the seriousness of such a decision. Too many recruits join for all the wrong reasons, then end up getting separated during basic for 'inability to adapt.'

    The military is a serious commitment & serious business. Just ask the sailors detained by Iran. Yeah, the perks are nice-no doubt about that. Just make sure it's what you REALLY wanna do. Basic/boot is like jumping on a speeding train. There's no 'trying it out first' unless ur ROTC Freshman thru Sophomore.

    Don't like the message? Fine, don't sign up. If it's something that appeals to you, you might look up Jason and Joel Woodliff. These brothers were raised as JWs, but joined the Marines after 9/11. Their story was in the nat'l news, and I think they came from Ohio. They were motivated by the attacks, and did what they felt was right. Apparently, some of the other Marines' families virtually made these brothers their own. A very touching story. I'm not sure what became of them, but I'm sure that with social media & all the people on this site, someone might know something. Godspeed.

  • jwfacts

    Getting baptised is a very short term solution. In time you will quite likely get disfellowshipped, and that will destroy your relationship with your father far worse than it is now. If you manage to fade later and become inactive, you will then have your father on your case again about being inactive.

    The better long term solution is not get baptised, face the immediate consequences if your father does follow through with his threats, but know that in the long term there will remain a better chance of some sort of relationship.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Lots of great advice here already.

    Whatever you do, don't get baptized. Put it off, say you're not ready or too young, etc.

    As you're doing well in school, have you thought about pursuing education?

    All the best.

  • Daniel1555

    Just be kind to your dad and don't talk to him about baptism. Maybe he just overreacted.

    I never heard anything about a dad throwing his son out because he is not getting baptized. By the way that is not even supported by the organisation or the elders.

    If your father asks you again about baptism just tell him that you are not ready. You can tell him that Jesus was 30 when he was baptized.

    You have all your life before you. Great that you realized the truth about this org when you are so young.

    So you will be able to have a good life without this organizations influence. You are free.

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