Is Tony Morris a Nonce / Pedophile

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  • slimboyfat
    Why would she express concern about AM III being around children unless he was involved in more than just a cover up of wrongdoing done by others?

    Because if he helped cover up abuse then he could do it again. I can see why that would qualify as “highly dangerous around children” from the perspective of the woman if she feels that he allowed someone else to abuse her. That could make him a real danger to children even if he didn’t abuse anyone himself.

    I think the statement “he is directly responsible” pretty much indicates that he enabled someone else to commit the crime. It would be an odd way of saying he committed the crime himself.

    Think if someone said “he was directly responsible for somebody being murdered”. It sounds like there’s a complicated story behind the statement. You wouldn’t say it like that if he actually murdered the person. You’d just say “he murdered this person” as simple as that.

    I could be wrong, await clarification, if it comes!

  • EasyPrompt

    1 Kings 3:16-27

    Two prostitutes came before the king, both accusing the other. When the king said "cut the baby in two!" the real mother was willing to make the sacrifice of being without her child by giving it to the other woman rather than having that child killed. The king then knew she was the real mother.

    The JWborg and TM3 have covered up things before so it is no surprise to us all when certain allegations arise, however...

    If Salena really cared about the children, then she would take actions that support her claim. Showing up at the KH, acting like a nut, and swearing at an elder who has nothing to do with the situation and then posting it on social media puts more kids in danger because now other elders and borg members will be less likely to take abuse allegations seriously.

    If she wants to "help the children", then she'll follow the proper channels for getting this taken care of - there is probably a reason she didn't go to the media to release "the story"...perhaps there is no "story".

    Her tiktok channel has a lot of stuff on it that gives insight into her personality. Love for children or truth is not really the theme of her posts - it's love of someone else.

    "Even a child is known by his actions,

    Whether his behavior is pure and right." (Proverbs 20:11)

  • cyberjesus

    ony Morris can be accused of any and all problems that ex-JW;'s have faced during his tenure in the GB, not just CSA.

    By that logic, should Raymond Franz be accused of covering up abuse cases that happened in the 70's? There are dozens of such cases filed across the US

    Not only all the GB current and past members, but all the current and past elders and current and past JWs who knew of any case and didn't do anything to investigate and stop the crime.
  • EasyPrompt
  • BoogerMan

    I see REDDIT has stopped people from adding comments to the TM111 post. Wonder why?

    I suspect people are totally ignoring the blatantly obvious: If everything this woman is claming is true, and that she has evidence and/or witnesses to back up her charges, why did she turn up alone at AM's KH, making threats & accusations - instead of local police officers doing the job?

    Also, I'm pretty sure the FBI could have gained access to Mr. Morris in recent years at HQ if the complainant had provided them with all her "grass-cutting tools."

    I hope TM111 and his cohorts get what they deserve, but this woman's tactics are not well thought out IMO - especially so if she has a "smoking gun." We'll know very soon, I feel.

  • Chinapomo

    The mods in that subreddit are pure cancer. I got suspended for one month for saying that there is no evidence that transitioning kids saves lives. Some tranny linked a "study" and I pointed out that the "study" was done online, with 228 subjects. Got suspended instantly.

    I bet most of those mods are purpled haired fat lesbian men that identify as stunning and brave

  • Listener

    There's a poster on Reddit by the name of MyLittlePIMO who has written an interesting post which includes the following comments -

    Salena's claims have gone mainstream viral, with 1.1 million views on TikTok. [Source Video] In this video, she approaches the Kingdom Hall in the neighborhood where Tony Morris III now lives and tells them him a message that "his ass is grass". Her main claim is that she was sexually abused, Tony Morris personally knew about it and was involved in some way.
    This is an appealing and catharctic video for those of us that have suffered at Watchtower's hands, and it's understandable that it is going viral.
    But if you read/watch all of Salena's content, some of the claims are...incredibly outlandish.
    She's claiming that the Zalkin Law Firm is deliberately is hiding victims (i.e. in on the conspiracy?), Watchtower is murdering people and scrubbing it off of Google, Watchtower burned down her house twice to cover her up and then tried to poison her. She says she was personally invited to sit down and participate in a cover up. [Source: Reddit] That Tony's match-blowing talk was a message to tell people to burn down her house, some JWs sacrifice babies to Jehovah. [6:00 in this TikTok]. And that she was personally aware of a pedophile ring that, to quote, "the truth of it is the scope of it was so large it covered 80,000 locations. So in 80,000 locations children are knowingly being preyed upon by child predators." (For context, there's only 120k Kingdom Halls in the world IIRC.) [Source: Tiktok] .
    She also claims in the text of another TikTok in 2021, that, to quote:
    I have 34,000 individual pages detailing JW CSA cases just like mine. They can never shred them, and they’ve already been read through, sorted, and sent to 18 other countries’ human rights’ diplomats, 6 leading research universities, and about 40 devoted writers and journalists. The USA is very slow to show anything on media
    When people ask her for evidence, she responds with sarcasm or tells them to Google it.

    It's more than annoying when you get idiots on Youtube that congratulate her, claiming she's so brave and has a lot of guts and promote her tik tok, without seeing the real problems, verifying the information or using plain old common sense.

    She may well be a CSA survivor but she doesn't need promoting, she needs help.

  • TonusOH
    "When people ask her for evidence, she responds with sarcasm or tells them to Google it."

    Oh, that's not good. A timely reminder about the nature of the internet, and about human nature.

  • nowwhat?

    If it turns out she's a self promoting nut, it will cause damage and harm to the real victims.

  • Simon

    Doesn't really sound at all credible IMO.

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