what are your special powers?

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  • unique1

    Used to, when I a kid. Had a dream once that I was searching through the carpet in the living room in between the chair and TV for the chip of a diamond that had fell out of the only real ring I had. I woke up to find the diamond missing out of my ring and found the tiny diamond in the carpet in the living room exactly where I had dreamed I would find it. I would get bad feelings alot and predict something bad would happen and it always would. Being a JW this terrified me so I lost the ability to do it. I thought Satan was messing with me. Now, the only part of it I have left is a good 6th sense. I have gut feelings about people and they have never been wrong.

  • Simon

    Ok, ok ... sometimes, in the middle of a conversation, I get the feeling that I have been there before and know what the other person is going to say. I've consciously thought of what I remember they are going to say and then they have said it (which is quite freeky !). Maybe it's my mind playing tricks with me and I read too many Frank Herbert Dune novels about prescience.

  • Scully

    In some places, and especially around JWs, I become invisible.

    Love, Scully

  • rocketman

    I'm a mutant and looking to join the X-Men soon.

  • Francois

    I have what is called in some circles "second sight." That is, I have a powerful intuition that's right much more than it's wrong. It's a right brain function. The left brain isn't right all the time either, you know, but my right brain is far more precise than my left.

    If I stop "trying" I can visualize the aura, and it contains vast amounts of information. In fact most functions of "Power" are vastly easier of accomplishment if one stops trying so hard to experience it.

    I can cause things to happen simply by imagining them happening. This isn't something that takes place immediately. Some things that I want to happen only happen after significant amounts of time have passed, but they usually happen none the less.

    Also, I can determine the intentions of others toward me for the good or for the bad, and thus can take whatever action is appropriate under the circumstances. I can spot a lie from a hundred yards. Whenever a person, in person, lies there is a definite change in the color of their aura. Where once it was light and fairly bright with more or less pretty colors, the instant a lie passes their lips, their aura dims, the pretty colors fade, and then it looks as if I'm seeing them through a brownish-red filter that's very ugly and even threatening looking.

    I receive warnings not to enter certain places. These places may be in the city, or they may be out in the woods, on the river, or other such places. And it is a powerful feeling; an overwhelming urge to get the hell away from where I am at the time.

    And I have no exact idea of where these feelings, or this gnosis is coming from. I suspect it comes from the living Spirit that indwells my being that I have spoken of here from time to time. But I can't prove that.

    I have a friend who is very similiarly put together, and we can have entire conversations without either of us saying anything out loud. Sounds weird, but it's true.

    It is very true, too, that we were made "a little lower than angels." And I suspect that the powers that I'm describing are angelic in nature and that when we get to the next level of being, all will have these powers after a little coaching. I think it has to do with being able to "see" just a litttle further than our natural eyes are designed to see. We can't see X-Rays for example, but we CAN see the results of the presence of them as recorded on film. And some of us can see the result of the presence of X-Rays with our natural eyes. Not that we can explain it, but it's there.

    This information I'm describing often comes unbidden, unexpected. It comes when it's least expected. Frequently it tells us vastly more than we want to know, and frequently the information is personally painful, and I wish I didn't know about it - or that I was made aware of it. For this reason, I find it impossible to be in crowds of people, especially at Christmas time, especially in a mall somewhere. The air is just too full of psychic pain and so I stay the hell away from crowds at christmas time.

    Strange, but true.


  • Ravyn

    ok--now I know why I like this group of people....I would not be considered a weirdo!

    I lived in SoCal for 9 years and I could HEAR the earthquakes before they happened. It was like a tremendous crack like the earth was ripping. Only thing I have ever heard that came close to that sound was when I was on an Alaskan cruise and we got close to the calfing of the huge glaciers. But when the ice sluiced off it sounded like the sky was ripping...earthquakes have a deeper growling sound.

    ever since I was a little kid, animals, wild and pets would come to me when they were hurt or in trouble and alot of times to die. Not a happy thing for a kid. But I have taken the pain of death from many creatures and I know they come to me to do that for them. I can speak to them and understand what they say to me too.

    I can also sense energies, and I can feed on them. Mostly elementals and nature, rather than humans(humans Bleh! yucky!). I have at times manipulated elements(aka magick). Magnetism and electricity affects me easily. So do colors and music. I get premonitions and also remember past lives in detail and have even found one of my graves--long weird story. People have always seen spirits around me and this meant that from the age of about 2 I frequently had my toys burned for demons.

    This is the main reason why when I finally got out of the Borg I went into witchcraft--I had been accused of it my whole life!


  • RubaDub

    I can get up in the night with the lights off, pee without raising the toilet seat, and not hit the seat.

    How you ask ??? Do I have special powers ???

    Well, here's how it works:

    Simply stand very close and touch the front sides of the bowl with both legs, one on the left and one on the right. If you are touching the bowl, you won't have to guess the distance. This will give you the correct orientation so that a 15 degree angle at release will result in a bulls-eye (adjustments to angle may have to be made for height and/or nationality).

    Hint: When completed, raise one leg up slightly against the seat so that it raises the seat slightly (2 or 3 inches) and then let if drop to make the sound that you are putting down the seat. You're mate will appreciate it and praise you for it.

    ***** Rub a Dub

  • NaruNaruChan

    I can cause multiple orgasms under the covers. I think that's a **very** special power.

  • Nickey

    You know, I've noticed something since being here on the boards.

    Most of the people I've run across on here seem to have a strong 6th sense. Even a sense or feeling that the "truth" wasn't the truth.

    Plagued with guilt because of the lingering doubts. Yet you've always felt "something" was wrong. Some may need blatant proof to leave. But others start their research on their own without being told. More keen in catching things done in the society that others don't seem to notice.

    Those who keep getting poked by doubts and being told it's "just satan" when really it may be something else. Something inside you trying to guide you.

    I think the WTBS is full of supressed souls.

    This is a case of severe hunger. I need a snickers bar.

  • Nomad Soul
    Nomad Soul

    I can astral project. Well not at my potential yet.

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