what are your special powers?

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  • wednesday

    When i was a child i knew at times when the phone would ring.I can often 'sense' if a person has a dark side(.ie maybe into S& M, perhaps a pedo, stuff lie that). That may be from my life experiences, however.I can generally spot an unstable person quickly, even if they appear normal. I can "feel" others pain, both emotional and physical.I cannot do this with everyone.

    and one thing i can tell you, i am not a all surprised by what most of Francois said. i have felt drawn to him since i came to the board.. I noticed it immmediately.I also felt drawn to Nickey.Also i get that feeling about Refiners Fire and Prisca. hard to explain why. I also feel that with Ravyn.

    edited to add.

    once a friend and i went to a psychic. The psychic was able to "read" my friend easily and told her quite a bit.. She was unable to read me, except she did tell me i was ill. And she told me that my friend and i would leave our jobs and go to another together.. We did.


  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    I can (modestly, I might add) -

    Bring sight to the blind,

    Make the deaf hear,

    Give speech to the dumb,

    Provide mobility to the crippled,

    Give joy to the broken hearted,

    Cure all illnesses,

    Eliminate poverty,

    Bring peace to the Earth,

    and on,

    and on,

    and ohhhhhhh,

    Sometimes I imagine things that aren't possible for me to do.


  • wednesday

    King Cheese,

    i think all that cheese has constipated u. LOL


  • outoftheorg

    I have reliable gut feelings about people and different situations.

    That is all.

    Why does one not have the abilities others on this thread spoke of having.

    How does one aquire these other powers??


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I have the ability to eat great quantities of raw fish (preferably tuna or salmon). I can drink a great quantity of fermented grape juice.
    I have the power to observe American football and make very loud angry sounds.
    But my greatest power is the ability to expel poisonous gas, especially if someone pulls my finger.

  • Introspection

    I got you all beat - I got the power to not believe in a thought. I don't mean believing something isn't true, or believe in some alternative explanation for it - just not believe either way. I also have the power to not talk about any power I have, and let people think whatever they want about me - including having no thoughts. I also have the power not to think about that.

  • SYN

    Spicey, while my dreams might not predict future, when I do have them they are in glorious Technicolour with 5.1 Surround Sound LMAO. I only have dreams when I get enough sleep (i.e. rarely), and my mind tends to generate entire stories for me to live through while I'm sleeping. How strange! Sometimes they're very sad, sometimes a bit more cheerful...also, if I don't get enough sleep, I wake up with incredibly loud music in my head, usually whatever I was listening to the previous day. Recently I had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 7AM to go to the License Department, and all I could hear was Chopin's first piano concerto, ow, I wanted to bash my head against the sink to make it stop it was so loud! Argh. When I get enough sleep, everything upstairs is nice and quiet

  • shera

    Sometimes I know,before hand when someone may die or something bad is going to happen to someone.Doesn't happen too much anymore,because I enore feelings I get.They always scared me,it was always like ,a rush of visions in seconds.When I was a teen,I always saw spirits....or was I just a nut in the making? I still see things all the time but I enore them. I was around this man a few yrs back I knew he was going to have a heart attack,I wanted to go over to him and tell him to start takeing better care of himself..I didn't because he would have looked at me like I was crazy.A few weeks later he had 2 heart attacks.

    I have had many strange things happen.......**twilite zone**

    At times I have out of body experinces..if thats what they really are...I know I don't like those ither....lol(these are less frequent too)

    LOL,I used to tell "some" of my x-jw friends ,the things that used to happen and did happen and they called me a witch

    I would have been burned at the stake 100's of yrs ago.

  • SpiceItUp

    wow...what a group we have here.....

    Reading through some of your happenings I rememberd another incident where I felt what my other half was feeling from half way around the world. He was upset and having a bad day and that entire day I felt sad and depressed when I had no idea why until I spoke with him later on. I do have to admit that we have an incredible and uncanny connection but I had never felt like that before. It truly strengthened my resolve that we are connected on a much higher level than I had ever anticipated.

    I think that everyone has a 6th sense just that most people don't pay any attention to it. Lots of people even use words such as "hunch" and "intuition" but I think its really their higher sense telling them something. I think that everyone has at least one unexplained event in their life. Many religious people will throw it off as "miracle" but I really think with all our unused brain power and lack of understanding of it we could be an amazing species if we only opened ourselves up .

  • Sirona

    Ok well at the risk of being labelled freaky I will also comment here....

    Most recently I realised I have a *thing* about the birth of babies. Quite a few times I've known the exact moment of the birth, although never having been told. Most recently an acquantance of mine (work colleague) had a baby. One morning (not the due date by the way!) I simply KNEW she'd just had her baby boy, I looked at my watch, 8.10am. I texted her later that morning and later was told that at the exact moment that I'd *known* was when he was born (8.10am).

    Years ago when I was away in Canada, I similarly *knew* when my husbands nephew was born. Wierd.

    I also see an aura around people - but not coloured - sort of a white second skin around them. I don't think this is traditionally considered to be the aura, just another type of energy field. It has helped me in the past to avoid violent people (at a rock concert a guy near us had a nasty shimmering aura that just spelled violence. a few minutes later he started a major brawl and a few people were hurt). Incidentally, some people just SHINE.

    Then theres the ghosty stuff. I don't think I will go into that here.

    Since working with the elements and energies, etc. I've noticed more of an ability to recognise certain energies - they have a feeling about them.

    Now and then I've had premonition type feelings, never 100% specific though. Unfortunately its usually about bad things. Once though, it was about something really good. I entered a draw in a crowded pub one day and a couple of minutes before it was drawn I just knew that I'd win and I told my sister to move so I could get out of my seat to collect my prize (before they drew my ticket) she was amazed when I *did* win. I had to answer some other stuff to get the money pay out (it was sort of a game of chance) and I won all of that so easily everyone was amazed. I got £170. Cool.


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