what are your special powers?

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  • SpiceItUp

    Back when I was younger every dream I would have would come true. It kinda freaked me out since they were not always good dreams. I don't remember too many of my dreams anymore but a couple weeks ago I did and it did partially come true the very next day. Now I am not talking abuot things that I know are going to happen. These are things that under normal circumstances shouldn't be.

    Sometimes and its only occasional I get wierd glimpses of how someone is going to die. This of coarse at this time has ot been proved to be true of yet (due to its something I see for 10-20 years in advance)but it is unsettling to say the least.

    Do any of you have any weird percerptions that you have/get? Any weird ESP or psychic "powers" that you have?

    Tell you uncanny and unsettling stories here.

  • cruzanheart

    I can usually tell what my children are thinking before they say it, which really creeps them out. They call it "Mommy Radar." Also, I can drive a car at 60 mph while opening a bag of popcorn, retrieving a favorite toy from under any seat in the car, and finding "The Disney Channel" on the radio.

    Oh, wait, those aren't "special" powers -- I'm a mom!


  • Introspection

    Sorry, I couldn't help but think of the movie Mystery Men when I saw the title of this thread..

    But I actually know what you're saying. The only thing I would say is even if you know there is truth in your experience, that doesn't mean you fully understand what the experience is. Often times we do have a powerful moment of truth which can take different forms, but then our story, that is our mind's explanation for what it is comes and the two becomes fused - but our understanding of it may not be what it actually is.

    Personally I don't get too excited when this kind of phenomenon pops up now, but then again I'm more interested in clear seeing than having powers/abilities. If you have a clear understanding of what happens, then it just ceases to be unsettling.

  • JH

    I am hypersensitive, and feel what others think. I either receive or send thoughts, maybe both.

    Just looking at a person's face, I know what they think of me. It must be a 6th sense or maybe I'm just hypersensitive to everything.

  • no one
    no one
    Any weird ESP or psychic "powers" that you have?

    I can block Kryptonite rays.

  • JH

    When I concentrate very hard, I can even see you......

  • SpiceItUp

    cruzen- cute lol

    Intro - I know part of me felt like that when I wrote it.

    JH - ummmmm......ok.....but how do you know that thats really what I look like

    no one - are you trying to say something

  • Nickey

    I have a strong 6th sense as well when it comes to things. Mostly other people. But maybe I'm just paranoid.

    But really, something has been happening for about 3 years now that's starting to bug me. I'm not one of those supernatural fanatics and I've never really researched or bothered to look at things like that. Afterall, I was still a JW and having these experiences made me feel evil.

    Anyway, everytime I look at a clock or someone asks me the time, it always says 2:11. And everytime I catch that time, something bad happens. I keep this to myself because I don't want people thinking I'm loony.

    One night, I dreamed that my boyfriend fell off a scooter and hurt himself. Which was weird because it was silly thinking a grown man would be riding a toy scooter. But even still it scared me and I woke up. I looked at the clock and it was 2:11. The next day he came to me with a bandaid on. I asked him what happened and he said rented the new electronic scooter for fun and fell off.

    Next, I got caught in 2:11 all week. I could see no other time and I finally had to tell my mother. She told me it was just the demons playing with my mind. So I took it as that and covered my eyes everytime I walked passed a clock. Finally, I saw a new time except they all had 11 tacked on. 10:11, 9:11, 4:11. This was a week or so before 9/11.

    It happened occasionally after that with small incidents.

    Lastly, it came back after a long time gone. I thought I had gotten a break from it. But I looked up one night and there it was. 2:11. I went to google and typed up houston texas. Which didn't make any sense whatsover to me because I've never been interested going there. The next day, the columbia shuttle incident and the man on the news had to say Houston Texas. I felt bad because I waited all night for something to happen and had the gut feeling when I woke up.

    That was it. I yanked my clocks out. And I feel guilty and crazy. 2:11 came back. And I don't know what's in the grab bag this time.

  • Pleasuredome

    i can heal aches and pains using precision reflexology on the hands, or directly on the affected area. its great to use as a party trick if someone has a blocked nose or a headache as i can cure it in a few minutes.

  • Hamas

    If I concentrate hard enough I can lift up objects with my thoughts.

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