2017 Circuit Assembly: Lesbians at school demonstration

by darkspilver 63 Replies latest jw friends

  • sparrowdown

    Lol @ compound complex 😄

  • steve2

    "They don't mind if men are gay as long as they don't dress like they're gay and talk like they're gay and arrange the throw cushions like they're gay."

    Hey girlfriend, get outta my way. I got cushions to throw...Oh you mean throw cushions.... Now I'm confused."

  • WeatherLover

    Wow. I had a recent encounter with JW homophobia.

    My sister was over and she was going to watch a movie with us. I wanted to watch "The Imitation Game" but she said that she didn't want to watch that because it's about a gay man.

    You can get df'ed for gay sex, but you can also get df'ed for smoking. Now how many movies has she watched where the protagonist smokes? (A lot, I'm sure.) It's a double standard.
  • sparrowdown

    @steve2 lol. Have you got any tips coz I never seem to know when too many throw cushions is too many throw cushions.

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