2017 Circuit Assembly: Lesbians at school demonstration

by darkspilver 63 Replies latest jw friends

  • sparrowdown

    Why are they picking on lesbians anyway, girls are not allowed to have any positions of responsibilty within the borg. Though I suppose they hate it when women get all uppity by wearing trousers but even so surely gay men pose more of a threat to their male centric witness world.

  • smiddy

    How many young guys have ditched their tight trousers has anybody noticed a trend to wear baggy pants at meetings nowadays ?

  • konceptual99

    @sparrowdown - I can't imagine a meeting of the writing dept planning the RC talks is any different to any other male only meeting. You have a bunch of guys in a room talking about illicit sex... how long before someone brings up some girl on girl action?

  • konceptual99

    @smiddy - no...

  • pale.emperor

    I guarantee there will be some butch JW men in the audience wearing ladies underwear during this.

  • WingCommander

    LESBIANS? "Ohhhhh myyyyyyyy!!" "Scissor me, scissor me timbers!!!"


  • cofty

    The bible does condemn homosexual acts. The cult is predicated on following the bible.

    To be fair their official stance is more reasonable than many Evangelical churches. This is the best you can hope for when you organise your beliefs around an Iron Age book.

  • someDUDEinAsmallCubicalSomewhereOverTheRAINBOX

    DISCLAIMER - I love sex. Adore sex. Can't get enough of sex. Could give 2 large "flips" about who wants to have sex with who.....the more the merrier i say. Men, women, dogs, cats, horses, squirrels...i don't GAF. Whatever TF gets you off.

    But that is besides the point...do witnesses not get that the basic human act of taking something YOU USE TO RELEASE BODILY WASTE AND STICK IT INTO ANOTHER HUMAN TO RELEASE MORE FLUIDS INTO THEM IS IN THEIR WORDS "DISGUSTING"???? Am I missing something??? In their little rosy colored glasses, shouldn't they see that the heterosexual act that each witness performs nightly, weekly, yearly, is an "abomination" and "disgusting"? That should at least be a footnote on their crap website to limit sexual relations to only creating babies, because otherwise it's just "disgusting".

    Bring that up next assembly, you hypocritical scumbag sickos. If I were attending this year, I would probably have just walked out after that BS skit....WOW.

  • Xanthippe

    The outright dishonesty of saying we respect people's right to be gay, lesbian or smoke cigarettes but God doesn't respect them enough to let them live. What they're saying is they have the right to choose the way of life they want right up to the moment God kills them. How does that discourage prejudice? Total brainwashing.

  • DJS

    I conducted my own intensive research on this OP before I thought about posting. But when I typed 'school girl lesbians' into Google Search . . . . .

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