2017 Circuit Assembly: Lesbians at school demonstration

by darkspilver 63 Replies latest jw friends

  • sparrowdown

    Oh I get it, the running men of the convention theme are running away from all the disgusting lesbians.

  • stuckinarut2

    Hang on now!

    Wasn't it ToMo3 himself that almost spat out the word "DISGUSTING" when he gave that infamous talk about "The Homosexuals that design your tight pants"

    He spat out the words "I THINK ITS DISGUSTING!"

    So, did he get into trouble for using such harsh words??

  • konceptual99

    All this is is yet another example of the WTS putting propaganda out there to make the R&F feel better about being essentially homophobic. It's not about supporting diversity and encouraging new members from all parts of society - it's about wrapping up their prejudice with some pretty paper that makes it all seem so nice.

    The fact that the parcel still contains a present of judgement and exclusion is lost amidst the cooing over the Kath Kidson pattern and pretty bow.

  • respectful_observer

    I grew up in an area where the LGBT community was very large and active. It's unusual for you NOT to work with, go to school with, live near, etc., someone who is LGBT. My parents were (and stil are) very strict JWs, however they raised me to be tolerant and respectful of everyone.

    The last few years, though, suddenly my parents have become more and more homophobic. I don't even recognize them as the same people anymore. At every opportunity they talk about how "disgusting" it is, how "they are constantly pushing their agenda", and "rubbing our faces in it." It has gotten to the point where they are planning to sell the house and move further away.

    I don't recognize my parents and who they've become when it comes to this issue. When I see that we'll have a demo like this at the CA, I know they'll be right there cackling away with the rest of the crowd at how gross "they" are. Then they'll get in their car for the drive home, having become even more homophobic than they already were.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Hannah: Well, I respect Ashley and Jessica... [and I'll keep respecting them until I see them die a brutal death at Armageddon.]

  • scratchme1010

    As I said before, they have no respect for heterosexuals that don't believe their crap, leave alone respecting lesbians.

    BTW, when I saw the title of the post I thought it was about some film not suitable for children.

  • watson

    "Say it this way so it's more appealing"

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "We don't reject homosexual people, just their conduct"

    Exactly, our loving father will kill you (Mr/Ms homosexual) only to get rid of your conduct. You are just... well...collateral damage.

  • nicolaou

    Ask any JW who 'reasons' this new way;

    "Will unrepentant homosexuals deserve the death your God gives them at Armageddon?"

    Even the JWs we love mustn't be allowed the comfort of hiding behind a veneer of 'tolerance'. They must be challenged and made to feel uncomfortable.

  • smiddy

    No nic homosexuals will die at the big A not because we hate them but because their gay, whats so hard to understand about that ? we love these people we just hate what they practice and its what they practice, what God will kill .

    Get it ?

    The mind boggles with such reasoning.

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