What is your opinion of the news media?

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  • freemindfade
    Last I checked Bannon was a senior adviser to him. Stop buying into the nonsense narrative coming from this administration. They're playing too many of us.

    Dude... I am not the one claiming to buy anything, you are. I am actually saying how trump is worthy of criticism and you are still treating me as a trumpetier, take off the blinders, you have bought a conspiracy that the REAL president is Bannon, that's not saying he has influence, it's a conspiracy theory that he is acting as president by proxy which is utterly unfounded nonsense. Tell me now how its Putin running the show, that sounds like another good conspiracy theory!

  • minimus

    I like Breitbart!👍😎

  • minimus

    lol President BANNON.

  • kpop

    Three million was just an early guesstimate. The actual number is probably much higher.

    1- True The Vote found 1 million cases of voter fraud in the first few days after the election.


    2-Obama said in an interview that illegals who vote will not face reprisals.


    3- Project Veritas uncovered lots of voter fraud. Should make you sick. This is a free democracy or a banana republic?


    Let me be clear that this has nothing to do with supporting the right or left or Trump or Clinton. This is about fair and honest voter system. That is the point.

  • JW_Rogue

    Trump is an idiot but they are also biased and out to get him impeached. When Obama was in office they were all kissing his ass and there wasn't a tough question in sight. It is easy to see the difference. The media is part of the resist Trump campaign.

  • freemindfade

    Freemind Fade: Yea, Trump has some issues, but we are talking about the media here right?

    Everyone: Why do you love trump so much!!!! How dare you

    lol, you can't win.

  • minimus

    At least none of us here (I think) supports violence and law breaking. Some extremists sponsor breaking the law and destruction.

  • freemindfade

    Can you imagine if Trump had a Monica Lewinsky type scandal? The internet would literally blow up into a million little pieces lol. Everyone at CNN would have a stroke or seizure.

  • littlerockguy

    I'm waiting for another Brian Williams moment.


  • minimus

    Trump did have a Monica Lewinsky moment. Remember when he was with the two hookers in Russia and peeing on the bed that Obama slept in doing golden showers? Oh never mind that was fake news I forgot

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