What is your opinion of the news media?

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  • freemindfade

    sir82, Definitely social media driven, mainly Facebook and Twitter, but I think the media is still a part of the hsyteria.


    Immigrant community on high alert, fearing Trump’s ‘deportation force’
    Fear and panic have gripped America’s immigrant community as reports circulate that federal agents have become newly aggressive under President Trump, who campaigned for office with a vow to create a “deportation force.”


    Was the L.A. Immigration Sweep a Preview of What's to Come?

    If you can honestly believe the media plays not part in getting this insanity, you are delusional. Media is spreading widespread anxiety that is usually baseless or sensational instead of factual.

  • azor

    Minimus interesting how you bring this up the day after his diatribe. What Trump is doing is trying to undermine the media so his utter failures are viewed as at least better then the media. A typical bully tactic.

    I for one reject the cynical conspiracy nonsense eminating from the thugs currently in power. Let's remember where this whole thing is coming from. Bannon.

    Last Week Tonight's John Oliver summed up well what is currently happening with this fake news turning into real news for many people. This attack on the media is a key example of it.

  • freemindfade

    More sensationalizing of the ICE story

  • Vanderhoven7

    Mainstream liberal media is simply out to knock Trump no matter what he does. It seems to me that the role of media should attempt to report news, not stir up anti presidential sentiments because of it's own biases.

  • freemindfade
    Mainstream liberal media is simply out to knock Trump no matter what he does. It seems to me that the role of media should attempt to report news, not stir up anti-presidential sentiments because of it's own biases.

    Basically, there is plenty to knock trump on, but I feel at times they still feel the need to exaggerate the motives of some things, or just hyperventilate over stuff that ISN'T that big of the deal, to the point where regardless of Trump character they just seem shitty, dishonest and petty.

    This is gold though, I can't resist such irony so close together lmao!

    I for one reject the cynical conspiracy nonsense eminating from the thugs currently in power. Let's remember where this whole thing is coming from. Bannon.

    I reject conspiracies because of a conspiracy I believe in hahahahahaha

  • sir82

    Sensationalizing? Maybe, maybe not.

    The news story is "immigrants are scared". How did they become scared? Thru social media.

    Does the news accurately report their fear? Yes it does.

    Does running story after story of such fear ramp up fear in some who otherwise might not be fearful? Likely.

    Compare that to demonstrably & objectively false statements such as "3 million illegal immigrants voted, and every last one of them voted for Hillary" or "I had the biggest electoral vote win since Reagan".

    The silliest thing is, the lies are often about stuff that utterly does not matter, and are easily disprovable.

    Who cares if your inauguration crowd was the largest or not? Why on earth are you harping on about non-existent fraud in an election that you won???

    Obviously one must take media reports with a grain, or perhaps a boulder, of salt. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of sources, and by reading from all sides, a clear objective picture can most often emerge.

    Shrill demonizing of all media as "liars" and "fakes" is absurd, especially coming from an administration which so clearly has little regard for truth.

  • kpop

    The media sucks. It does not matter the country you go to now. From Korea to the USA to Russia to Mexico. I understand that the media is driven by profits but they also have a responsibility to report the facts, just the facts. If we want to know opinion then we read opinion pieces. If we want entertainment we read tabloids. But today in America especially, the mainstream media has one goal and that is to destroy the reputation of President Trump, to delegitimize him because they lost and now they are angry. It is really that simple. You want some really scary facts?

    So maybe instead of saying, "oh Trump is fascist because he doesn't want to talk to CNN" maybe you should ask yourself what this consolidation of media has caused in the country and around the world.

    Answer: it is all about control. Just like the JW cult. Control. Control. Control.

    Some years ago, a famous movie directer who knew Nick Rothchilds, asked him what their end goal was and he said, we have enough money, it's all about power and control.

  • azor

    Free look at the cycle. Breitbart reports the 3 miillion illegal votes. Trump repeats it. People believe it and it becomes a story. No conspiracy there just a sequence of events that started from Bannons media source. Same thing with the media thing. Highlighted from breitbart during a press conference, and in print. Trump repeats it, wash and repeat cycle over and over until it becomes a real story in many people's eyes.

    Last I checked Bannon was a senior adviser to him. Stop buying into the nonsense narrative coming from this administration. They're playing too many of us.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I know very little about US media but know something about UK media.

    All media outlets are biased - left and right.

    And both left and right media are capable of producing accurate journalism with good comments/opinion.

    It's a question of sifting through mud to find little nuggets of gold, I think.

  • Spoletta

    I don't need the news media. I only have to watch unedited videos of Trump and his apologists to learn all I need to know about this administration. Why should I believe anything Trump says about anything important, when he lies about the little things that don't matter. The denial of the need for an investigation, and that Jeff Sessions wouldn't recuse himself if there was one, tells me all I need to know. Unfortunately for Trump, this is one situation that he can't pay off and walk away from.

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