What is your opinion of the news media?

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  • freemindfade

    I don't think Trump's position is News in general is all fake.

    Like any politician obviously they prefer news that favors them, that's nothing new with Trump

    I think Obama was justified to criticize Fox for its radical right slant and constant barrage against him personally

    I think Trump is justified to feel this way about sensational left news

    I do believe he is expressing most people's feelings that MAINSTREAM media is about as honest as politicians

    I have two eyes and ears and to me most of the noisiest, mainstream, news is far left leaning in its nature, and does not present news, but takes a position of outrage from a political perspective along party lines. I don't consider this a mark of true progressiveness

    I think Trump is actually trolling the MSM's propensity to trigger outrage.

    This dishonesty and collusion of media goes back well before Trump

    It's not that the media has gotten too powerful, it's that government has gotten too big, and there is no question many major highly visible MSM forums are nothing more than propaganda machines for one party or the other

    Leftist mainstream journals dominate the airs waves, and news feeds (google, facebook, youtube) however, they are not that strong among the population. Contrary o their highly visible presence through internet and TV platforms, many are suffering.

    News should be reported and if it outrages the people that is one thing, the news should not be an instrument of constructing the outrage. The truth and information should speak for itself not have a cheerleader telling you how this should make you outraged. Just like his call to unification of 2nd amendment advocates was positioned to be an assassination suggestion against Hillary, that is not reporting news, that is making shit up.

    The news SHOULD hold politicians in check

    This should be done bipartisanly, that is NOT happening

    The media is trying to look like the good guys and that they are exposing every trump evil they can find, but it's too little too late. They are already understood to be dishonest.

    In 2016 trust in mainstream media hit an all-time low, despite that fact, everyone that simply hates trump, suddenly trusts the media????

    Mainstream media has become a circus because they are now a money machine that must be fueled.

    CBS president Les Moonves said recently that spending so much time covering Republican candidate Donald Trump "may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS."

    Is it any surprise that people would lose trust in a media entity with that kind of motivation?

    Facebook plays a bigger role in the news industry than any single entity has ever played in the history of modern information consumption. More than 1.5 billion people use the network, and large numbers get their news there. When the imigiration check points news broke (fake news) it was through social media, you can't say this doesn't count anymore if Facebook exceeds news networks by a million miles in 'news'.

    Do we trust those news sources that tell the truth, or do we trust the ones that tell us what we want to hear or believe?

    Our media is suppose to have no gatekeeper for good or bad! However, MSM has become a sort of gatekeeper, undeniably. However they are losing this grip to indepenedent sources spread all over the internet, still they dominate the airwaves.

    Everyone is saying the MSM is just reporting on Trump, but there is a hyperfocus on every breath he or even his daughter or wife take.

    Here is a not fake news flash, the distrust of media goes back at least 10 years before Trump.

  • flipper

    The REAL news at the moment is at least in America thousands of constituents of our population are meeting in town halls across the United States speaking loudly about their grievances to their local Republican congressmen about their grave concerns regarding the Trump administration's damaging policies. These demonstrations aren't just happening in the streets people- folks are voicing very strong opinions . Having to actually chase down Republican congressmen to answer their questions or have dialogues with them. In some states - Republican congressmen are refusing to even meet at town halls with constituents - or not replying at all. Those that do show up to hear the public- are getting an earful.

    Meanwhile- back in the " world of Trump " we have his secretary of State Tillerson and others traveling to Mexico to " mend the fences " ( no pun intended ) with the Mexican president who Trump treated in an insulting way. Get used to Trump's cabinet in the next 4 years trying to put out fires across the planet that HE starts from his pie hole spewing out vitriolic, stupid shit. So that's the news for today folks- thanks for tuning in. Now for a commercial break from our local sponsors

  • freemindfade

    Trump aside, I don't think the question of the media's integrity is isolated to Trump. It's just the fact that he is saying loudly now the news is corrupt many people are changing their tune simply because it's the anti-trump thing to do. To me this quote said it all.

    CBS president Les Moonves said recently that spending so much time covering Republican candidate Donald Trump "may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS."
  • azor

    Free and how is that relevant? It's a profit driven enterprise.

  • freemindfade

    its fine to be profit driven

    Trump isn't censoring news, if he starts broadcasting this own news station and shuts the others down we should be worried. But as much as the "sky is falling" set wants to believe that, its not going to happen. I get everyone is outraged but don't let that undermine your rationality.

    When the CNN and DNC colluded, it's not about CNN making a profit or not, it's about fixing the system.

    Freedom of speech means you can have any kind of extreme news you want, but it also means anyone can also call them whacky, which most deserve.

    This circus of Trump vs. the MSMedia, is showing how quickly they will take the bait and sink to his level.

    Mainstream media is in trouble anyway, it's literally falling apart because of the internet. Its such an establishment it appears so large an powerful, yet its lost its audience. Except for those looking for an echo chamber

    And I am not defending Trump behavior or delivery, but I still feel its not worth the overreaction, and going down the same old path that he is Hitler and America is becoming Nazi Germany, that is absurd at best. But I will also not come to the defense of the MSM shit show like its some sort of moral beacon of truth. its just not lol

    MSM has no diversity of voice, the internet does, its has no gatekeeper, and that is why MSM is dying off

  • freemindfade
    The astonishing reality is that the mainstream media often leaves the public more ignorant and confused than if they ignored them altogether. This is in fact what polling by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Public Mind Poll


    “We expect that watching the news should help people learn, but the most popular of the national media sources – Fox, CNN, MSNBC – seem to be the least informative.”
  • azor

    Free that's because it like most everything else is entertainment driven. I see complaining about that to pissing in the wind.

  • Simon

    In that case, Trump calling them crap is no different to him saying that Big Brother or The Bachelor is crap.

    No need for anyone to get their 1st amendment knickers in a twist.

  • freemindfade

    And I see it as everyone saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so the media and trump are at war, they feel the need to side with the media for some reason and step off of center. I find that comical. Mainstream media political collusion was involved in the biggest foreign policy f-ck up of our generation, attacking Iraq for WMD. Well now, suddenly, because it's at odds with Trump the media is holy sacred.

    I see complaining about that to pissing in the wind.

    if the shoe was on the other foot, and it was Hillary confronting the media would you feel the same? this is what I am talking about, everyone is so caught up in their rage for Trump they will step out of the center rationality and take a side as long as it opposes him. Wasn't it Obama who even coined the phrase "fake news"? I am neither Democrat or Republican but the hypocrisy of both amuses me.

  • azor

    Free yes I would. I didn't like HRC either.

    Simon the leader of the free world calling the media the enemy of the American people is a very different thing then what the msm does and is doing. He has guns behind him, and iron bars. What he is doing now is in the same Arena as dictators have throughout the world in recent history.

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