What is your opinion of the news media?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yes, Russia violates human rights, inside and outside Russia. The information is publically available - yes, I admit this.

    The "pissing outside the tent" rhetoric is easy but Russia is not a man - but Putin is. Does the US want Putin inside the tent pissing out or outside the tent pissing in?

    You think the response should be to "work with Russia"? - in some way, yes.

    What on earth does that even mean - it would mean sharing common goals in Syria; backing Assad and wiping out terrorists. It would also mean accepting that Crimea is now part of Russia.

    PS - what good did Obama being unfriendly to Russia do when Putin was taking Crimea? What good did the EU and NATO do when Putin was taking Crimea?

    PPS - and still a refusal to address the left's hypocrisy when it condemns Putin for his treatment of gays, whilst it cosies up to an ideology that treats gays much, much worse.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I condemn any such ideology - yes, you do.

    I am not "the left" but a person with my own ideas - so? You still refuse to condemn the left's hypocrisy in this matter.

    I, despite being of the right, have no problem condemning the right's wrongdoings, e.g. racism. There are people of the right who are racist and the right should work hard to eradicate that kind of thinking, and sideline those people who are racist. If they've broken the law, then the police should be involved, too.

    See, it's easy ...

    don't seek the moral low ground - I'm seeking neither moral high ground nor moral low ground. I'm simply saying the left's gross hypocrisy needs to be pointed out and criticised. If it isn't, how will the left ever improve itself?

    The first step in dealing with a problem is admitting you have one in the first place ...

  • bohm

    LUHE: ...neither is Putin "pissing"....

    It is pointless to have a discussion about any of this if it is conducted over an analogy about a man who is peeing.

    I am not SIRI. What resources have you read about the effect of the 2014 sanctions on Russia?

    PPS - and still a refusal to address the left's hypocrisy when it condemns Putin for his treatment of gays, whilst it cosies up to an ideology that treats gays much, much worse.

    I did answer that. I don't "cozy up" with any ideology that treats gays badly, I condemn it in the harshest terms. If you wish to claim that I do, show me the evidence of where I do this. This evidence, by the way, can't be you labeling me in a box with other people and use their beliefs, based on your labeling, to say my opinion has to be the same as theirs. That would be plainly illogical as I hope you recognize.

    What you are doing here is one thing: You seek moral low ground:

    "Oh Putin-backed thugs shot down a civilian airplane with Russian equipment? that's bad but whatabout..."

  • bohm
    I, despite being of the right, have no problem condemning the right's wrongdoings, e.g. racism.

    Isn't it nice how I never insinuated that you might like racism?

    Since you don't want to extend that courtesy to me here goes:

    I condemn those who normalize Islamism or believe the values expressed in Islam such as Sharia can be compared to western liberal democracy. I think that thinking is wrong and dangerous.

    I have written this again and again the past weeks. Do you recognize I hold these beliefs? Will you stop assuming I can't condemn wrong thinking regardless of which ideological box the people who express it belongs to?

  • AllTimeJeff

    This thread has turned into a defense of Trumps taking a leak on the First Amendment by his supporters, which is their right, they won the election. (If not the popular vote)

    But hey, majority rule is for losers. Sad.

    Freemindfade, Fox News absolutely LIED. LIED. LIED about Obama. Not unlike what Trump is doing now. Do I support Obama freezing them out on occasion? No. However, that was ONE LYING NETWORK.


    I realize this small nuance might have missed your attention, so I put it in all caps for the point to sink in.

  • bohm

    ATJ: Well said. I think the first thing is to recognizing how Trump uses "fake news" as a catch-all phrase to refer to Media as a class of untrustworthy individuals.. this is not a healthy sign.

    The second thing, which is the one I think is really important, is the "enemy of the people" rhetoric. This is a chekist slogan and I suspect it originates with Bannon who knows his history. The language, it's implication and the historical context is in my opinion very important and why I (and many other republicans) object so strongly to it, for instance, McCain. I would strongly recommend anyone who hasn't to listen to the last 10 minute of his campaign speech. I am nearly certain Bannon wrote that based on its themes which is exactly about classes of people standing up and overthrow of existing structures.

    What is (slightly) humorous is that what Trump objects to is that the media is saying things about him he think are mean, like pointing out his falsehoods, misstatements and how many people attended his inauguration. In other words, Trump wishes the media to be nicer... such that the presidency can be a ....safer...space... where he is free of criticism he feels is unfair.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Sometimes these threads allow one to crystalize thoughts and opinions by working them out. So i appreciate the give and take.

    It just dawned on me that we are making a very big assumption: Having a Bias equates to a loss of ability to report Facts.


    If the traditional media has a bias, the more important question is, does it prevent them from presenting the facts and the basics of a story? What evidence is there of this. EVIDENCE.

    In Fox News case, it has in the past. It was just plain irresponsible for them to continue the Obama/Muslim myth. That was done maliciously and on purpose.

    CNN doesn't lie. Neither does CBS, NBC, ABC. FOX is the network that has been screaming bloody murder from the start. That doesn't mean anything.

    This entire thread is based on a false premise. That the traditional news media lies. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.

    Your impressions are just that. And you can be irritated if you perceive a liberal reporting your news when you are a conservative. But you can't dispute the FACTS.

    I have biases. So do you. So I guess having a bias of any kind means no one can report the facts relating to a news story. That is not reasonable.

    But I am willing to put my biases aside for the truth. I would like to think most here would too. However, if you just want to make this about "biases" then I believe you aren't interested in the real story. You're just interested in your side winning.

  • littlerockguy

    That the traditional news media lies. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.

    NBC's Brian Williams was exposed as a liar.



  • AllTimeJeff

    littlerockerguy, missing the point.

    My point is the basic day in and day out stories, especially where politicians and presidents are concerned, the stories on their merits are factual.

    Brian Williams also lied about something that happened to him personally, not the stories that he reported on.

  • AllTimeJeff

    To clarify, the stories that the traditional news media reports on are based on facts, not rumor or innuendo. Unless that is Fox News carrying on their Obama is a Muslim/Kenyan born national bull.

    Current stories about Trump's ties to Russia comes from Government Intelligence Agencies. I realize that some of you think Trump was elected to piss off the media. I thought he was elected to run the country. The dude needs to stop campaigning and start governing, if he knows how to do that...

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