What is your opinion of the news media?

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  • minimus

    Azor.... I knew what you meant but very much disagree with you. Having dialogue is good

  • Simon

    DJS: Please temper your language and insults or you will be prevented from sharing your "wisdom" on how wonderfully tolerant people such as yourself are.

  • azor

    Minimus dialogue is good i agree. This BS about fake news isn't.

  • minimus

    He has a point to consider when news agencies everywhere are stating that Trump committed terrible at sexual acts in Russia in order to create a Russian connection and dehumanize Trump . This news alert that was put out for everyone to see was not good news at all in fact it was fake news. Such fake news has to be exposed.

  • bohm

    Just my 2c:

    I think a bit part of the problem is that the question is framed as "is the news media truthful, yes or no".

    In reality, the questions we should ask are

    • how often is the news media false
    • how biased is the news media in its choice of stories (and more importantly, what do we mean by bias)
    • what does the news media do when it is found to be false?
    • how consistent is a news media (i.e. does it call out the same behavior from both sides)?

    I simply can't see how anyone can claim with a straight face that e.g. Breitbart does better than the CNN or nytimes on these counts.

  • azor

    That's your evidence minimus. Provide one credible news outlet that presented that claim as fact.

  • littlerockguy

    Well Bohm:

    At least Breitbart can give some people a clue as to why CNN and other news networks can be so biased in their reporting; when some of the major media outlets have blood relatives of some in the white house administrations in key positions in big media there is a big conflict of interest. This article is from 2013.



  • Landy
    Dear god, mini me, he came across as a complete, unhinged idiot.

    And that's putting it kindly

  • minimus

    Buzzfeed put the story out and nearly every news outlet covered the fake news. Even the idiots know that one

  • minimus

    If BuzzFeed put a story out about Obama being gay like some people have suggested about his past life, and it was never corroborated, I would expect that any reputable newspaper or agency would not print garbage

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