It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • TonusOH

    The good news is that he thinks that dragging it out works in his favor. So he will continue to do so. Granted, I don't think there is any scenario that works out for him:

    He can let it run its course (and it gets dismissed). He can gripe about the lack of justice and how the courts let him down, and then just try to let it fade into the background and be forgotten. Just like the WTS does, lol. He'll have to deal with being mocked for giving up on his promise to hunt Kim down for the next 40 years. Even better, he might look for other ways to "legally" get satisfaction and start down a road of one hilarious misstep after another. I mean, he's had plenty of practice the last couple of years!


    He can drag it out and mention it as little as possible, then try to use it for fundraising ("the lawsuit keeps dragging through the Croatian courts, and I'd like for you patrons to pay for my endless crusade for justice. You don't want Kim to win, do you? DO YOU???"). But there are only so many times you can go back to that well, even with a hardcore JW-style audience to grift from. And, gee... what if they find out you've been preventing its progress in order to milk the situation for sympathy and donations?

    Also, I want to thank him for handling things so badly by being an arrogant prick. If he wasn't in such a hurry to bury Kim, he might have made her life a much, much more miserable experience than he managed. Here's to Lloyd Evans being such a vindictive and hateful person that his actions ended up hurting the person who deserved it most: himself.

  • Simon
    he posted a stand up video? Did he go to a comedy club or something? Wtf?

    He doesn't go to a comedy club. He becomes the comedy club.

    Everyone who learns about his life just starts laughing.

    When he does his "standup"? Not so much ...

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    He can gripe about the lack of justice and how the courts let him down

    Without fail, he’ll start blaming the other parties for behaviour he’s already committed - specifically I can see him whine about the M7 retaining a Croatian lawyer and calling it legal harassment. You’ll hear some pathetic self-serving drivel about how the money spent on the lawyer could have been better spent on “fighting WT” while completely ignoring the fact that he spent donations earmarked for that on his own frivolous litigation.

    This is how he plays his low information patrons who don’t know any better. They’re meant to come out of this thinking he’s the one who’s been sued by exJWs who were vindictive. His unwavering belief that he can control the narrative is why he pulls shit like this that has no chance of success. He thinks he can charm and talk his way out of anything.

    He’s not intelligent in any sense. Knowledge is not wisdom. And his knowledge base (Jehovah’s Witnesses) is largely useless in the modern world. Yet there he is, making his comedy routine mostly about JWs. He’s pathetic. He purposely imploded a marriage to a woman who genuinely cared about him and was willing to put up with a lot of shit, and now he’s complaining about women who cut him off after the first date.


  • WingCommander

    Could you imagine his comedy routine, if only he used the phrase, "Mastery of my Penis?"

    He fashions himself as another Kurt Metzger (an ex-JW and actual funny comedian who does mention his weird JW upbringing in his comedy routine) but instead, comes off more like a more cringe Andy Kauffman. (who only cared if HE got the joke and no one else, a legend in his own mind type).

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    If anyone still wants to get in on the Patreoff, I put up a link for May:

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    As seen on his Youtube community section

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    New merch

  • WingCommander

    He missed a few:

    Sam Herd you were gay, not impressed. (with a frowning/scowling pic of GB Sam Herd)

    Lett the good times roll! (Lett face in clown paint and little clown car)

    I'll have another shot of that McCallans!

    TOMO III's face on Smokey the Bear blowing out matches with caption, "Remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires!"

    "Full Mental Jacket" with TOMO III dressed at Private Pyle, being hauled off in straight jacket (ala Full Metal Jacket)

    "I got my tight pants on! And I'm a girl!"

    "I got my Spanx from the WT HQ Commissary. 2012"

    "Stay Alive, till '75! 2075 that is!" (With TOMO III shit-eating grin from Caleb and Sophia introductory video)

    "I ate at Mark Sanderson's all-you-can-eat Memorial buffet, and all I got was this lousy shirt and a bible."

    "My heart belongs to Jesus, but my wallet belongs to the Governing Body."

    "Former WT HQ NPG with a BA who now identifies as a Rainbow Warrior. Roar!"

    "Phuk it. It's not just for snorkeling, its for the cheap LadyBoi's and She-Males."

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    Hi folks!
    Merch is actually a really cool way of supporting the channel as you get to help me out financially and get some cool gear as part of the package!

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