It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Mikejw
    Its a huge change because up until recently the official doctrine was always only baptism can save you, possibly children of baptised may just about make it but it’s going to be very hard. But if you died beforehand then you would be resurrected unless you were really really bad.

    Now they brought out this new light that it’s silly to hope your unrighteous loved ones die beforehand because they may make it through Armageddon unless they are really really bad.

    so basically now billions of people will make it through? Lloyd Evans used to say those pictures of the new world showed perfect parks landscaped over the bodies of 8 billion people.

    Now it seems the new light is that not that many will be slaughtered at Armageddon?

    This really is the opposite of a nothing burger that Lloyd said it was, it’s probably one of the largest changes in the history of the organisation. Now Billions of unrighteous may survive Armageddon and Billions more unrighteous getting resurrected

    The new light is that we can’t be dogmatic and we don’t know who of the unrighteous will be resurrected or who of the unrighteous will not be slaughtered at Armageddon.

  • WingCommander

    Here's the thing with this "New Light." Even the bible says that there would be a resurrection of the righteous AND the unrighteous!

    It is a huge change, because for the entirety of my life (44 years) and before, the stance always was that "once the Ark doors are closed, there's no hope for anyone else." Hence, the "Judgement Message" during the Great Tribulation. I was always told that once the Great Tribulation broke out, a final "Message of Judgement" would be put out by the JW's. Kind of a sick, "We told ya so!" because all of these signs and End Times stuff would be easy for everyone on the world to witness.

    Now, it seems that these very "Signs of the End" could serve as that message, allowing anyone with even half a brain or morality to look up, pray, and repent, in hopes of God's infinite grace and salvation. Any wicked not caring or acting like Satan would then be destroyed in the calamity of Armageddon.

    Here's MY theory: I believe this may be a set-up for WT HQ to move even more goal posts. How so? Well, there's plenty of people my age, older, and even a bit younger that know about the "Final Judgement Message." However, WT HQ could NEVER put that out because if it failed they'd once again look like False Prophets. So what to do, what to do?? Come out soon (any day now) and claim that since 1914 or 1918, that earth has already been in the "Great Tribulation" and that all of the preaching work since then has already been a Witness of Final Judgement." Thus, moving the goal posts. Anyone RIGHT NOW can repent and ask for Jehovah's forgiveness and join the JW's and be saved. All JW's would embrace this emphatically, as they await the great day of Armageddon to break out at any time. It moves things up, while simultaneously fear-mongering the JW's even harder that we are "Deep in the End." All of the signs of the Great Tribulation have already been happening since 1914: Wars, famine, pestilence, hell, even the global climate change, etc, etc.

    C'mon WT HQ: Run with it! It'll work!

  • TonusOH

    Chinapomo: Sure it might be interesting from an historical perspective

    That could make for an interesting video series. Comparing the information he had when growing up a JW to the content they offer today. My Book of Bible Stories, then and now, sounds like a good starting point.

    The problem, as ever, is that it would require time and effort to produce. Reading and reviewing the content. Finding points of comparison. Finding something interesting to say about it. He cannot be bothered. There's no one else to do the work that he used to take the credit for.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    What is so funny to us, is when the new Governing Body member said "Yes we've been wrong in the past, but we're not going to apologize" That is a huge admission. Lloyd is missing some real gems in that annual meeting.

    We don't think he cares anymore. For one thing, he has to keep doing this since it's his 'job'. He can't move on & do other things or another job. No wonder he's depressed and has to be on meds & drink

  • Toblerone5

    Couldn't help it..😁 SOON...

  • TonusOH

    Is it me, or is he holding steady at 523 total members? I wonder if people are still subbed to his page, but no longer paying. Like a probationary thing.

    Or maybe there is a trickle of new people joining for free to replace the steady trickle of losses during the month. I'm curious how that number will change in a day or two.

  • TonusOH

    DerekMoors: [Regarding Evans's comedy act] The first one is just him babbling about being raised a JW and some experience in school, and his punchline is "I guess I'm allowed to be a bit fucked up by that..."

    I was thinking about this when I was fixing the transcript of his livestream. He explained that he is "seriously messed up sexually" by the "repression" he was subjected to as a JW.

    But what he describes is what every JW (especially those raised as JWs) faced. Not only that, but he says he got around those restrictions and skirted the rules as much as he could. In TRA, he writes about how he got away with sexting girls at least once.

    His claim that he is messed up due to sexual repression rings hollow, especially since he doesn't extend this courtesy to any other JW. Does he sound like someone who is concerned over his wife's mental health? Does he sound like he worries about how she was 'messed up' by JW 'repression'?

  • Mikejw

    Many times throughout history there was no sex before marriage. Did all those people get messed up sexually?

    I would agree with him that he is messed up sexually and just as most sexual perverts try to make excuses there is no excuse for this.

  • DerekMoors

    "How people treat you says a lot about them. How you respond says a lot about you."

    So yeah, you cut exJWs some slack for some things and for a certain amount of time. Lots of people come out and immediately overdo it with drugs, parties, sex, holidays, shopping, whatever, making up for lost time.

    But prostitutes? Repeatedly, into his 30s and 40s? Bullshit. By that point and to that extent, that's on him, not the JWs.

    Add to that the fact that Lloyd was apparently never abused as a child in any way. Not physically, sexually, etc. Even ones who went through that crap somehow manage to pull themselves together more than him.

    So yeah, I call bullshit. The man cannot take responsibility for one iota of his own conduct. He needs to justify it so he's not the bad guy in his own story. Ass hat.

  • DerekMoors

    BTW people this is the last day to get your vote in for the Patreoff Pool:

    He's holding steady at 366 right now so we'll let the numbers do their thing and call it sometime Saturday. Have fun!

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