It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • DerekMoors

    Tantrum video. I don't know if you need an IG account to view it though.

  • Thisismein1972

    Better watch it, he will sue you for linking a publicly available video. Oh wait, he's already done that. My bad.

    He looks dead, soulless. Reminds me of the haunted waif of Amy Winehouse just before she passed away.

  • Athanasius

    All those years of consorting with prostitutes has no doubt affected Lloyd's health. Some sex workers carry STDs that can no longer be cleared up with a single shot of penicillin. If he caught one of those STDs, he's probably on a high dose regimen of antibiotics, which can cause him to look bloated.

  • Mikejw

    He is probably the one spreading STDs to all the many poor young women who were so desperate they had to sell their bodies to him and people like him

  • Diogenesister
    Toblerone5 Guess some are piss that he didn't cover the Norway court case. Is CSA video only got 23K .


    Derek m So there's Norway, Spain, more to the beardgate, and god only knows how much else he's not covering because he's so busy coming up with a long-winded rebuttal to their broadcasting

    Why does he still bovver with those ridiculous "rebuttals"?

    Rebuttals to what, exactly?

    It's not like you need a philosophy doctorate to understand, analyse and take apart JW broadcast "dramatisations"(who else uses that absurd word?)....André refuses a good job opportunity for the troof....Andreas studies plumbing to help on a quick build...Mr & Mrs Face-like-a-slapped-Arse remain firm in the troof and shun their single mother-of-four daughter when she's diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer....

    .....not exactly Schopenhauer's metaphysics of the Will to contend with🙄

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Yeah, lets show the entire world Lloydy you're drawing naked butts for your daughter.

  • vienne

    "high dose of antibiotics". Yup, maybe. There is, however, no cure to stupidity.

  • markweatherill

    naked butts

    Here come the conspiracy theorists seeing subliminal images everywh.....

    Oh wait

  • WingCommander

    That drawing:

    Is LITERALLY steaming piles of poo, with a backshot of a naked rear-end passing gas.

    What's up for interpretation is what the green stalks are: Broccoli? Asparagus?

    This person is sick!

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    With his history and reputation why is he talking about drawing boobies on his pictures with two little girls, that was his words and then another picture he draws what looks like a bare bum.

    it’s more than a little worrying to say the least

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