Are You Horrifed if Someone Goes Into a “Massage Parlor”?

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  • Betheliesalot

    I just stopped buying Kraft mayonnaise, I have a bad visual now. Hope Helmans doesn't make the head lines.

  • minimus

    Lol no more Kraft mayo

  • flipper

    Minimus- Your statement " That's an example of Trump Derangement " .

    Precisely. I agree wholeheartedly that Trump is deranged. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Betheliesalot confessed, "I just stopped buying Kraft mayonnaise, I have a bad visual now..."

    You're in good company; Jimmy Fallon, the host of late-night talk show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, has confessed to being a mayo-phobe for much the same reason.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Hope Helmans doesn't make the head lines.

    I think there might be a joke there too.

  • snugglebunny

    Mayonnaise have seen the glory of the coming of the lord...

  • minimus

    Flipper. You are so witty. Great comeback. Peace ✌🏿 out.

  • mikeflood

    Ohhh...I would horrified for NOT going into a "massage parlour"....but seriously, it is morally wrong to pay for sex.

    However that has been happening to humanity since forever....just remember the history in the Bible about Judah paying for sex with a woman....

    The thing is that it needs to be a human way to deal with that....governments have been criminalizing prostitution all the time and usually the people that offer the service got in jail....and the guys that paid or the pimps just walk away.

    It's incredible that this millionaires got the trouble in Florida for $75 an hour...instead of going to those places in Nevada where is legal. No worries, they have the best lawyers in the world. Just see, the media become silent too, no hope altogether to know the names in the 200 + list of parlour's clients

  • minimus

    I could really use a massage today.

  • Steel

    I am much too cheap to pay someone to tug me out.

    Heck I can do it for free.

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