Are You Horrifed if Someone Goes Into a “Massage Parlor”?

by minimus 81 Replies latest jw friends

  • Tobyjones262

    If a woman wants to sleep with 10 men in one night its her business. But if she takes a dollar for it its a crime. Its stupid. People are going to sell sex and buy sex till there are no more people. Its an anarchic stupid religious push that made it illegal. Its legal in parts of Nevada and the world has not come to an end. What two people do including paying for sex is not my business. I don't care who puts whos hoo hoo in whos haha.

    You can pay a girl or man for that matter to sit on your lap and have you reach orgasm by rubbing up against your pants and call it a lap dance. What is the real difference? Why do some people feel the need to tell others what they can and can not do?

  • frozen2018

    As horrid as assuming gender is, it is beyond description to suggest that anything about gender identity is humorous. Gender identity is not a joke! Gender identity is a social construct. I weep for Trump's America.

  • minimus

    Shirley what are you trying to say, sir?😈

  • minimus

    Frozen , calm down. Shirley was just funninnn with us

  • JeffT

    No I'm not horrified that the owner of the Patriots got busted for soliciting sex. Celebrating, yes. I guess he's cheating more ways than one.

  • Della Street
    Della Street

    Personally, I think prostitution should be legal so it can be regulated and taxed.

  • Crazyguy2

    They should legalize prostitution in the USA and all sex trafficking would stop, wives would probably be more attentive to their husbands too. J/k about the wives bit , that’s never going to happen.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    I go to "massage parlors" about once a month. I find them better than chiropractors for my back. Finding ones that don't offer 'extras' can be daunting. Something about walking on my back and those hot stones work for me. I've learned if they advertise they have table showers, it is probably a rub and tug. I have tried the chain massage business Massage Envy and, well to put it plainly, they suck. Overpriced, unhappy employees who don;t know what they are doing. So back to your original question, No, I am not horrified. But I am concerned about finding a place that doesn't have workers forced into a sex trade.

  • scruffmcbuff

    The issue of gender identity intrests me greatley. Frozen noted that they are "shaking with rage" at the fact someone called them a female.

    I really would like to understand why it causes such offence.

    Im a male. If any of you called me a lady i wouldnt care.

    Sorry for going off track back to the question: I have witnessed some things that certainly did horrify me. Someone getting a Handy-Jay is not one of them.

  • Tobyjones262

    As horrid as assuming gender is, it is beyond description to suggest that anything about gender identity is humorous. Gender identity is not a joke! Gender identity is a social construct. I weep for Trump's America.

    There is not such thing as gender identity. If you are born with a penis you are a male and if your are born with a vagina you are a girl. This crap about I identify is nothing more than mental illness. Now the libtards are trying to facilitate mental illness. These people need mental help not someone idiot telling them what they think is correct.

    What next someone identifies as a donkey they are a donkey? Libtards want to pander to every cockamamie retarded thing some mentally ill person comes up with. Nature is nature and if you think you are a female you are NOT a female. You can not have children, you have a male body and vise versa.

    GI is not the same as Homosexuality. Being gay is a choice like I like icecream and I don't like Sherbet. It may be strange to some of us but its a choice. You can not choose to be black or white you are what you are. So its a mental disorder.

    As far as weeping for Tumps America you are delusional on several levels. First off its not Trumps America. Its our America and we elected Trump. He is doing a fairly good job of rolling back socialism and stopping illegal immigration. If you want to weep cry your eyes out for England and Germany and France who are losing their culture to the Muslim invaders. Covering up the go no go areas. The libtards are destroying a once great Europe. Italy seems to be starting to push back a bit. But its people like you who destroy by your ignorance.

    So liberals want us to modify biology of nature to fit their feelings. Since humans walked the earth a man was a man because he was born a man and woman a woman because he was a woman. Now they want us to deny nature. So if someone wants to identity as 21 and drink but they are biologically 16 can they suddenly be 21? No they can not. Transgenders thinik that if we all play pretend with them their problems will vanish. Nope not at all. Playing pretend with a mental patient does nothing but reinforce the delusion.

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