Are You Horrifed if Someone Goes Into a “Massage Parlor”?

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  • Moster

    Man (or woman- I dont want to presume)...this thread really took on a life of it's own didnt it?

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    I cannot know what was in mr Kraft's head or heart. But I can speculate given what I know of the situation, and human nature, which is all any of us can do really, unless, minimus, you're a close companion and part of Mr. Krafts brain trust, in which case I will happily concede to your take on the matter.

    Why would multiple men, with tremendous wealth, all be frequenting small, insignificant massage parlors, spending a pittance, just for a happy ending? Really? That innocent? Any of these guys could purchase any prostitute anywhere in the world, and pay them to perform any sex act they wish, anywhere they wish to have it, at any time, literally millions of times over. When you have that much power, it is no longer a challenge. It all can easily become vanilla. This is how and why some of the filthy rich can, and sometimes do, become involved in shady and sinister things, that leaves the rest of us in the peanut gallery scratching our heads, thinking, how could someone with so much money be so stupid as to get themselves into this situation, or get caught. The fact that there are multiple wealthy men involved leads me to speculate that they knew what was going on. As I stated before, I have no problems with people engaging in sex for money, as long as every one is a consenting adult. But, if we are to believe the story, the women involved were not. They were sex slaves. And I'm sorry, but these guys knew it. There's really no other plausible reason (imo. there, is that better, minimus?) for them to be involved. I guess we'll see what the outcome is. Perhaps mr. Kraft is an innocent party in all of this. Maybe he just innocently wandered into one of these establishments simply in search of a massage, and nothing more.

  • hybridous

    Or maybe Mr. Kraft went into a 'low rent' place precisely because of who was likely available there...

    And I don't mean because women who are newly into the country are available for abuse, but rather because such newly arrived women would most likely NOT know who he is.

    Consider it: sure Bob Kraft can afford any high-priced call girl working out of Boston. It's not a matter of price. Any of those high-priced call girls would know exactly who he is, and potentially extort Kraft beyond the initial transaction.

    Maybe he considered these women more likely to protect his anonymity.

  • wozza

    I am pretty sure I saw a city overseer leave one of those "relief" centres in the city early one morning .but as a good little Jdumb I thought god would sort it out.

    It was around the same time an elder in my congo confided in me that an older elder in a congo south of us was caught for beastiality .nothing new in Jahs wonderful organisation

    don't know why the text went big sorry

  • minimus

    Hybridius makes a very valid point. If you have ever been to any massage parlor, I don’t think you assume these are sex trafficked females and I just love being in on this thrill ...I don’t think the average guy thinks this way.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I was wondering... could an Internet Café be called a "Message Parlor"?


  • LoveUniHateExams

    could an Internet Café be called a "Message Parlor"? - it depends on what goes on under the desks.

  • Rattigan350

    I don't get this whole 'happy ending' thing. If it is an ending, it is not happy.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    After reading this story, it looks like they may let this jerk off...

  • DesirousOfChange

    I don't get this whole 'happy ending' thing. If it is an ending, it is not happy.

    If that's your opinion, then I'd say you are absolutely right that you're "not getting it".

    Everyone likes a Happy Ending! (And they lived happily ever after.)

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