Are You Horrifed if Someone Goes Into a “Massage Parlor”?

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  • Tobyjones262

    "Does this stuff upset you that some men have gone into a massage parlor for possibly more than a massage" ?

    Not near as much as it bothers me that President Trump stated he can " grab " women by the pussy any time he wants with no punishment. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    But it does not seem to bother you that Slick Willie rapped women and abused them in the Oval orafice. You have a case of selective outrage typical of liberal idiots.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Are you horrified that someone goes into a massage parlour: No.

    Are you horrified that people put beliefs above the sanctity of life: Yes.

    @Tobyjones you are spouting about a subject you have no information on. The understanding is that around 17 people in one thousand are sexually ambiguous. Men with XY chromosomes can have a vagina and there are women who are genetically female i.e with XX chromosomes who are born with a penis. Read up on the children called the Guevadoces of The Dominican Republic. Please don't think in such simplistic terms like a JW or Mr Trump does, the world is more interesting than you imagine.

  • frozen2018

    Frozen , calm down. Shirley was just funninnn with us

    What a patronizing statement! Social Justice Warriors never "calm down!" Calming down is surrender.

    Last night I attended a monthly SJW League Open Mic Freestyle Poetry event (followed by a locally sourced, organic, vegan buffet). When it was my turn, I decided to not read my haiku poem about the genius Jussie being prosecuted (persecuted) for the crime of using performance art to raise awareness of his myriad struggles. Instead I read word for word the exchange I had with this Shirley. When I finished, the audience sat in stunned silence. Then one person stood and applauded. Soon the entire audience gave a standing ovation, marveling at how - instead of being intimidated into silence by the anonymity of the internet as so many are - I bravely confronted this social injustice.

    Afterwards the three of us enjoyed the buffet and excitedly talked about the Green New Deal and how implementation will relegate Trump's America to the dustbin of history. It'll also leave people like the monster Robert Kraft penniless and no longer able to exploit the marginalized working poor at Outback Steakhouse or enjoy illegally trafficked sex slaves. Utopia is near!

    they are "shaking with rage" at the fact someone called them a female

    Great use of non-gender specific pronouns. You must be a kindred spirit.

  • Tobyjones262

    Frozen you are living in a delusion. First off even the main stream Democrats are calling the Green New Deal delusional. Paying people for not working, getting off fossil fuels, getting rid of air travel and the other completely idiotic delusional thinking. Its never and I mean NEVER going to happen. Not even close. Second you have given no argument for anything only that you and other liberals did a circle jerk and patted each other on the back. The Communist socialist left will push Trump to victory in 2020 because of how crazy they are. I should say thank you but they are crazy. Utopia is a wet dream that will never happen. Communism and Socialism failed. It was tired here when we were colonies. Everyone did what they could and all got an equal share. It collapsed because people will only do enough to just get by or less. Its a recipe for failure. You are deluded.

  • Tobyjones262

    Frozen you will be like George Carlin and the others who thought in the 60s they were going to change the world and make a "utopia" It failed and he got bitter in his old age that it did. So disappointment is going to be a big part of your life. Instead get off your ass work hard and build a nice life for yourself and quit trying to get the world to give you something you did not earn.

  • minimus

    Frozen , I think you are just trying to put us on . If not , you are just a kook.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Tobyjones262 said, in part, "There is not such thing as gender identity... This crap about I identify is nothing more than mental illness. Now the libtards are trying to facilitate mental illness. These people need mental help not someone idiot telling them what they think is correct... (It) is not the same as Homosexuality. Being gay is a choice...You can not choose to be black or white (or chromosomal XY or XX) you are what you are... Playing pretend with a mental patient does nothing but reinforce the delusion... its not Trumps America. Its our America and we elected Trump. He is doing a fairly good job of rolling back socialism and stopping illegal immigration. If you want to weep cry your eyes out for England and Germany and France who are losing their culture to the Muslim invaders."

    Toby, we are on the same page, brother! May I wash your feet?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Old pond

    Frozen2018 jump in

    Water sound.

    I think Frozen2018 is one of the most clever PARODIES I've had the pleasure of reading! Tell me true, Frozen2018; are you Leolaia in disguise? My ghod, you, Sir or Madame or Stegosaurus, are as funny as hell!

    If you are not a parody, someday you are going to make some lucky psychiatrist very, very wealthy!

    "Last night I attended a monthly SJW League Open Mic Freestyle Poetry event...Afterwards the three of us enjoyed the buffet..." -- how hilarious is this?!?!?

  • frozen2018

    If not , you are just a kook

    Kook was a word used by the Nazis when referring to their millions of victims. Use of this word today makes one, literally, a Nazi.

    If you are not a parody

    Parody was a word used by the Nazis when referring to their millions of victims. Use of this word today makes one, literally, a Nazi.

    These are facts I learned at a SJW League sponsored seminar called "Words that are literally trigger words but don't seem to be until you learn how Nazis used them when referring to their millions of victims." The seminar can be viewed on youtube. Be sure to hit the like button.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Jump back in the pond again, please?

    Did Nazis say "pond" or "please" (bitte)? I'll bet they did.

    Arbeit mecht frei. Put that in your tight hat, Goofy.

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