The "Trinity" is not Biblical.

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  • Diogenesister

    I think a lot of people on this forum no longer believe in the Bible being the word of God, therefore the question of the Trinity is no longer important to them.

    However the lady who does the Witness for Jesus YouTube channel is a Christian, an exJW who knows a lot about the Bible and the Trinity and may be able to explain things to you. Here is a series about the Divinity of Jesus :

    Here's one about the 144,000 doctrine:

  • Revealed

    I don't need any video to tell me about Jesus.

  • Revealed

    Jesus denied he was God, constantly telling all he would be RETURNING to Him.

  • Fisherman

    99.9% Christianity accepts the trinity. I wonder why?

    Because 99.9% are equivocating.

  • Revealed

    They are...apostates...

  • hybridous
    They are...apostates...

    So...that's it, then?

    What exactly 'makes' an apostate?

    Erroneous doctrine?

    Listening to Traditions of Men over Scripture?

    Bad logic when reading the Bible?

    How do you know the difference between 'apostates' and someone who is merely, in-good-faith, mistaken?

  • Revealed

    There are apostates to man and GOD.

    I was a apostate (of a Church) before I knew about God and Jesus.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi Revealed,

    Are you a Christian? Do you know Jesus Christ personally? Is he your Savior? Are you justified by his blood? Do you have eternal life?

  • Revealed

    Diogenesister, I don't trust ones that have a theological background; they are foreordained to accept the schools standards, or will fail.

    ANYONE can read the NT as find out!

    James 1:5- If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all men generously and without reproaching, and it will be given him.

  • Revealed

    Vanderhoven7, I am a Christian, know Jehovah and Jesus personally- and they are my Saviors, being 'justified' by Christ's blood- but find it hard to believe I have get Eternal Life for all my faults!

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