Removing Mr. Trump from office.....

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  • Simon

    Fraud and Treason, these people should go to prison. The Clintons and Obama admin showed their disdain for the democratic process and result that didn't go their way. They were willing to undermine it using the agencies of government that they had already politicized to do it and the press were willing accomplices. They have pumped the Russia investigation like it was a penny stock scheme. It's an empty box and they knew it all along.

    The American voters have a choice at the next election. They can reward this sinister behavior or punish it. Give Trump a mandate to clean house properly.

    The fact that they also intentionally plunged the country into divisive race issues shows how they are willing to use everyone, people at the top AND the bottom, to try and get their way.

    It's all about having power and being in power. Don't give these people power again.

  • RubaDub

    Rub, you know how the elections work . Trump beat Hillary in the electoral college where it all counts.

    Min ...

    Didn't I make it very clear in my comments that, especially for those here from outside the USA, that the United States Electoral College selects the President ???

    Rub a Dub

  • ShirleyW
    I think he’s a lot smarter than the last few presidents

    That statement alone says it all, you and Drumpf are on the same level of intelligence,

  • Simon
    If you recall, the "majority" of people did not vote for him. He lost the popular vote by about 3 million votes. That is approximately the population of the entire states of Nevada or Oklahoma.

    Except we know that Clinton and the democrat controlled states have a problem counting votes accurately.

    Even if there was no election fraud by Clinton, it's irrelevant as that isn't how the result is decided.

    If she chose to campaign in a state she was going to win anyway and not bother even visiting those that were important, what does that tell you about her ability to make decisions? Isn't that important for a president?

    She was too busy focusing on walking down steps or being loaded into a van like a grandfather clock.

    As in, she was unfit for office.

  • truth_b_known

    There is one political party in Washington, D.C. - the party of the political elite class.

    Democrat and Republican congressmen alike put on a big show in front of the citizens which is published by media advocates (formally known as "journalists"). At the end of the day all the members of the House and Senate go over to the Capitol Grille at 601 Pennsylvania AVE, have drinks together, and laugh it up.

    Donald Trump is an outsider. He wasn't supposed to win. He wants to do what he was elected for and that goes against the grain of the political class.

    As a result of Hillary Clinton losing an election the political class banked on, the next best thing they can do is attempt to de-legitimize Trump's presidency. Enter the Mueller Investigation. Two solid years of innuendo. Now the media advocates are prepping the hopeful for utter disappointment. A two year investigation and what have we found out - nothing. In fact, Mueller may never make a report. That's ok because all that was needed was to cast doubt and suspicion on the President.

    If wasting millions of dollars of your money on a witch hunt doesn't upset you, maybe the fact that the U.S. Congress hasn't passed a budget since 2006 should. What's the difference between a budget and a continuing resolution? A continuing resolution has no spending cap. That's why the U.S. owes foreign banks 22 trillion dollars. Everything else is smoke and mirrors to take your eyes off that.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I didn't vote FOR Trump. I voted AGAINST Hillary. But I have no major complaints about the Trump presidency. I had the opinion that he behaved a little "un-presidential", esp his "childish" tweets, but I've come to think that he's been brilliant at "baiting" the opposition with his tweets. I do think his ego is a bit enlarged (like ALL politicians who think they are "special" enough to be a Senator or President) and he has a difficult time to "drop it" when he should drop it vs his "need" to respond to every little accusation or jab.

    There is not one of the present Democratic candidates that would ever get my vote. Some of them may actually be a threat to Trump, although they shouldn't be -- Liars like Pocahontas -- Dumb ignorant bitches like AOC -- but Obama was in that "never done nothin'" category and look what he got. (Even Hillary knew he should not have won!) But then Bill Clinton should never have beat George #43 either and he didn't start out thinking that he could or would. (Read the book by George S.)

    Like I've said before, All the Dems and 50% of the GOP politicians hate Trump -- so he can't be all bad!


  • Hecce

    Nothing is going to happen to the conspirators, Trump is "poison" for both parties, the Republicans are as guilty as the Democrats of undermining his Administration:

    With full control of the three branches of Government they couldn't pass most of his electoral agenda, the House was practically surrendered with the retirement of about 40 incumbents and they are silent when political support is needed; this guy (Trump) is fighting alone, all by himself.

    You can criticize his manners, but you have to admit that he is a "New York" relentless fighter.

    Highly doubtful that he will be reelected.

  • Simon
    There is one political party in Washington, D.C. - the party of the political elite class
    Donald Trump is an outsider. He wasn't supposed to win. He wants to do what he was elected for and that goes against the grain of the political class.

    This is exactly it. That the political elites would just accept the result and not try to use the machinery they built to regain power using whatever means they have is incredibly naive but with the help of the media, it's something many have fallen for hook line and sinker.

    Trump may not be the president many people wanted but he's the president they need.

    He's always been an outsider, the butt of the cool-kids jokes. I love that Obama, the utterly smug arrogant unpresidential twat that thought he was so funny doing the late-night TV circuit, has been pretty much erased from history by him and Clinton's meddling and death dealing in the world for profit has been curtailed.

    Payback's a bitch ... bitch. Priceless.

  • Spoletta

    It's amazing how any mention of Trump, whites, rights, masculinity, and women's equality, always brings the same right wing , fact denying, whataboutist victims swarming.

  • Simon
    Highly doubtful that he will be reelected

    I dunno. I think people are waking up to the left and liking the results and especially the last SOTU. Huge support from independents.

    You can tell how awesome it was because the MSM show hardly anything of it. If it was bad and embarassing, it would be on an endless repeat.

    They do they same up here with Trudeau. Fighting against that kind of media protection is hard and takes time but the truth always comes out in the end and people wise up.

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