Removing Mr. Trump from office.....

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  • MeanMrMustard
    So the fact that the US has greater than 100% turnout in certain counties is a screaming red flag..

    I found the county-by-county breakdown of the 2018 midterms in Texas to be odd as well. It’s normal to have big cities turn blue. But on the border?

  • nonjwspouse

    "conflicts of interest I was thinking if the President started working against the interests of the US in favor of a foreign government, or was otherwise actively attempting to dismantle or thwart the government"

    How about looking back to the Obama administration and applying this statement? Look into it.

    Thanks you DOC for the map. The only way to get a true representation of each state is for the states to be assigned fair numbers of electoral college voters. Otherwise their big cities states populous, ( With both uber rich and very high welfare populations. Both extreme ends of the spectrum, with government supported population becoming the highest voter volume. This is not the majority of the the average American, middle class citizen) would erase the votes of the "flyover", less concentrated population but having just as much right to have a state vote to count as much, mainly the Mid America states.

    Also. thanks to Simon for bringing up the highly obvious red flag of 100% and even absurd and fraudulent 100%+ turn out on voter machines or counts. This red flag is ignored by the government and most of the media, because it suits the end result for those who count on fraudulent deceased, and illegal immigrant votes.

    Finally thank you to the Op for this thread. I need an outlet to read, and/or respond to well thought out political ( or anything that requires real thought) debate and conversation in a forum that I enjoy. My husband is more and more an emotional, and basically anything requiring thought for a topic, wasteland. It is SO HARD TO LIVE WITH.

    I'm having so much difficulty with him that I am considering a comment made to be by a therapist; asking if he was "on the spectrum"- meaning a higher functioning autism disorder. I have begun researching this further, and beginning to join a support and information forum just for neurotypical spouses of neurodiverse ( spectrum) spouses

    Off topic, but of interest to me. In reading up on adult higher functioning autism it struck me some of these traits fit in with the traits of a brainwashed JW. (Maybe I should start a thread on that topic.)

  • Hecce

    I started a new thread on the taxation subject, this is the title:

    If you prepaid $2100.00 in taxes, Uncle Sam could refund you $9987.00

  • sir82

    Cohen's opening statement:

    It's just....stunning. Can't pick just a couple of things to highlight, it's all...just, wow.

    Couple of points to remember before all the "he has no credibility" comments start coming in:

    it's not just his words, he has corroborating physical evidence.

    At this point, his sentence cannot be shortened, only lengthened. He has no incentive to lie, and plenty of incentive to tell the truth.

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