Elders and Attendants sing, clap and turn backs on Street Preacher after Duluth RC.

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  • smiddy

    If that doesn`t ring a red flag to a practicing Jehovah`s Witness as to what a cult is I don`t know what will.

    That is embarrassing beyond belief.

    If I was still a member of this religion , I would be ashamed at the antics displayed at this convention by Elders ? ministerial Servants ? responding to a person objecting to their beliefs.

    In the old days they just turned a blind eye and ignored it , and it went away .

    This video has just highlighted how cultish the Jehovah`s Witnesses are in their response to those who differ from their point of view.

  • Dunedain

    WOW, that was cringe worthy on so many levels, lol.

    Did you notice when the first Elders walked out towards him @ around 5:40, they kept turning around and looking behind them, to make sure all the other elders were coming out too, lol. They did not want to be the only ones walking out , they had to make sure all their "back up" was behind them.

    Another thing I was thinking, was that all the other brothers that were NOT standing there in the "elder line", and were walking out of the convention, must have felt like they were "less important", since they didn't have an orange lanyard, and weren't asked to be in the "line" of clapping idiots singing. Probably walking out, with their heads hanging low in shame, saying, "Damn why wasn't I asked to come out", "I am walking with the woman and children, shit".

    I have to say too, that the dude with the amplifier sure has BALLS to do that crap alone, and surrounded by a bunch of dudes in suits that would love to rip your heart out, and feed it to you. I am NOT saying what he did was brave, or commendable in any way, it just takes a set of balls to do that. He was clearly a bit off his rocker, and was saying nothing of merit. He sounded stupid, in all honesty, but DAMN, what a crazy and ballsy bastard.

    For those that think this was "staged" in any way by the org, to show persecution or something, I really don't think so. You could kind of tell, it was one or two, crazy rogue, nut jobs, that really believed they were speaking "profoundly".

    One last thought, the JW's will always justify acting this way, by getting a bit rough and in someones face, because they use the scripture of Jesus righteous indignation, when he flipped the tables of the merchants in the temple, and threw them out. Any JW will have that scripture in their head to justify getting little "handsy" with someone who is disrupting the "show".

    Crazies on BOTH sides here.

  • Mozzie

    Would love to see what Tony has t say about it lol

  • cofty

    It was more like the way Scientologists respond to challenges.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I'd say from the waistlines of most of those fellows, they need to lay off the Cheese Danishes and quit sitting around for days on end at these assemblies. In the first video, did you see the pair of hips on the guy in the grey suit? They practically took up the whole screen on my iphone. Good thing the "race for life" isn't a literal race...just sayin'.

  • EndofMysteries
    they need to lay off the Cheese Danishes and quit sitting around for days on end at these assemblies.

    The food was the only thing that made them somewhat bearable. Especially if worked it in the day. I miss taking boxes of the apple sara lee danish home. They don't make that danish anymore like it used to be.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    That was a demonstration of a passive aggressive gang. It could have got nasty. What happened to the 1 angel slaughtering 185,00 assyrians they had just seen?

    Trust in the lord eh?

  • BluesBrother

    Simple tactic of trying to drown him out .....It didn't seem to work. Only made the conventioers feel stronger in faith though by being "persecuted"( by one guy brave enough to do it, against thousands of them.)

    In the day we had a person crash the platform at Twickenham and look to take the mike... everyone started clapping, not applause but to drown his words.....

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I get it...the guy was annoying to them but there was no issue, legal or otherwise until these "servants/leaders' made one of it. Now instead of random people milling by, these "Brothers" made a captive audience of themselves and were gathered together in one spot hearing entire sentences rather than random words making it possible for this his guy to preach to those "taking the lead". They were hearing every word he had to say rather than simply ignoring him. They gathered together to show him they were shunning him and to enjoy a bit of the martyrdom they crave, in the process.

    I wonder what would happen if a hoard of people stood around on the street in front of their literature carts this way and sort of "backed up" into them and made them move along ? What about back in the day when they used sound cars to blast their message through the streets and forced people to listen?

    The only personal power JW's have is to shun or turn their backs anyone who doesn't agree with them or play along with their game and doing this as a group effort really warms their hearts and makes them feel extra virtuous .

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    That yellow t-shirt guy seemed like an x-jw, he was more nervous, hesitant sounding than the other guy that was with him. Also had a level of anger going, even before they started getting more aggressive with him. Several remarks he made were like he was trying to show he had "inside" knowledge.

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