Elders and Attendants sing, clap and turn backs on Street Preacher after Duluth RC.

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  • ToesUp

    Very strange behavior by the attendants and Elders after the Duluth, GA, RC. On the first link the attendants start to exit the arena, then line up and turn their backs on the street preachers. (Around the 6:00 mark).

    Elders and Attendants after Duluth RC. Turn back on Street Preacher.

    This video shows the attendants and Elders singing over and over, We are Jehovah's Witnesses and clapping hands.

    Elders and Attendant Sing & Clap hands to drowned out a Street Preacher.

  • Scully

    That's more enthusiastic singing than what I've ever heard in a KH or convention.

    I guess it has to do with the hate that's going on...

  • wolfman85

    Every day these people (JWs) are getting crazier!!

  • tiki

    They've all gone bonkers. I'd be so mortified to be part of what this crazy religion has become. At least there was a sense of propriety and decorum back in the day.....

  • ToesUp

    "At least there was a sense of propriety and decorum back in the day..."

    Exactly! Bats**t crazy!

  • redpilltwice
    Pathetic...why not show him some JWorg video's with solid answers instead of endlessly screwing up kingdom melody 31 and missing so much of the program?
  • wizzstick

    One bat shit crazy up against a group of bat shit crazies.

    Both sides look pathetic.

    "My sky fairy is the real one. We bear witness to the one true sky fairy!"

  • Vidqun

    Two possibilities here: Either 1) The elders and MS bravely stage a diversion, while the sisters and children are evacuated safely through the back door. Or 2) It's called "the measuring of the penis." Look, mine is bigger.

  • pbrow

    Hey tiki... at least they used to know the rest of the words of my previously favorite song!! Now they dont even know the whole song!

    what a bunch of light weights!


  • flipper

    This is hilarious - and disturbing in many different ways all at the same time. I mean the problem is that the maker of this you tube is as crazy as the JW's singing ! If this guy or somebody else would just shoot a video of him talking with JW's about the WT criminal child abuse with different JW's exiting the convention WITHOUT bringing up religious differences - then perhaps it would expose WT for what it's really doing - even controlling JW's minds regarding criminal conduct. But to go into attack mode and raise a ruckus loudly just puts all the JW's in defense mode.

    It was pretty weird of the JW attendants and JW men to form this long line while singing kingdom songs. Whose freaking idea was that ? Did they get a C.O. to back that up ? Or WT legal ? WTF ? You would think if the JW's were that upset about this rebel rouser - that they would call the police and get him for disturbing the peace ! Oh- That's right, I forgot- JW's don't believe in reporting things to the police or " Caesars law " - they like taking the law into their own hands- thus the singing. I.e. " child abuse non-reporting " " Gives Jehovah a bad name " . I wish there were news camera crews there to put this on local news. I swear these people are getting crazier and crazier

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