Elders and Attendants sing, clap and turn backs on Street Preacher after Duluth RC.

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  • Tallon
    IMO .. these 'attendants and elders' made complete fools of themselves.
  • rebelfighter

    Growing up in the city known for its weekly/daily protest. A far better approach would be for a large group to gather with large signs that can be held well above all those Elder/attendees heads. Signs that read "WT hides Pedophiles ask your Elders" "ARC 1,700 Victim by 1,000 Pedophile, NOT 1 reported to authorties. " keep it legal at a distance not smack in their faces, don't cause a riot. Have the signs bright so they can be seen from a distance. Make sure your dress is appropriate. Keep it calm and respectable nothing rude or obnoxious.

  • steve2

    The lone preacher failed big time. He banged on about Jesus is God and cited Scripture after Scripture after Scripture. A lost opportunity to have raised the pedophile issue and back tracking on 1914.

    It was odd to see the JW males line up back to him, but then he had a loud hailer, could not be banned or arrested (because he was outside the auditorium.)

    But, in my view, no one comes out looking decent and dignified.

    Call them JWs with their trolleys or street preachers thumping the Bible - they're all extremely irritating with their need to publicize their special "take" on the "truth".

  • pepperheart

    The JWs are so scared of this man that they have to go off like this but the jws have always been scared thats why they have to have shunning to keep people in the borg

  • Inabunker

    Are we sure this was not a send off for delegates??

  • konceptual99

    I thought the guy in the yellow t-shirt was Perry...

    The whole thing is bizarre. All that noise and fuss for a couple of guys with loud hailers. They should have just ignored them. If you go to the guy's channel and take a look at videos 11 & 12 of the event the brothers get pretty close to being physical with him. It would have been interesting to see how the brothers would have responded if the police had been called for restricting his freedoms.

    Aside from when he changes the words to "We're Jehovah's Witnesses", which is quite funny it's sad that what he says is typical evangelical anti-witness fare and easily dismissed by the r&f. Sad to say, I suspect most would have thought the brothers were doing a good job rather than look at it as an embarrassment and question why the org was so keen to try and drown the guy out in that manner.

  • ToesUp

    They kept singing "We're Jehovahs Witnesses, we speak out in Fearlessness." That is all they kept singing. I guarantee they could not remember the rest of the song. lol

  • respectful_observer

    The orange lanyards are simply what all the "Attendant" ID badges are now held in, rather than the little paper card that went behind your Convention badge. No surprise, but the RC Administration managed to even over-engineer that process at my RC this year. They caused a huge back-up on the first day, making each attendant show his ID, write down his name, home cong, home address, etc., just to get the stupid lanyard, for fear that someone may forget to return his at the end of the RC. After almost an hour, someone with half a brain finally realized these things cost about $0.02 a piece, and it was no big deal if someone kept one.

    As for the protesters, we had a similar one at our RC this year from a local Baptist church. I knew that it was the same guy who showed up for each RC weekend at that facility, but only on Fridays. Of course not everyone knew that, so after he wasn't there on Saturday everyone was patting themselves on the back thinking their being shuttled out behind a wall of attendants on the sidewalk somehow scared him away. More likely was that he actually had something better to do with his Saturdays and Sundays than hang out at a convention center in a suit.

  • EndofMysteries

    "We're the GB's Witnesses, true facts give us fearfullness,,, ours is the leader of false prophecyyyyyyy, what they foretell will never be. "

  • Simon

    To be fair, this is pretty standard "best practice" for dealing with demonstrators when they have a right to be in the public area. People do it with the Westboro Baptist Church - stand in their way, block their impact but don't touch them (which can risk legal action for assault).

    What do people expect them to do? Invite the person to the podium to speak into the mic?

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