Breaking News: Anthony Morris III no longer serving on the Governing Body

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  • TonusOH

    Right now, it looks like the only things known for sure is that the WTS posted a notice that 'Brother Morris' was no longer serving on the GB, and that they took the notice down. Everything else is speculation. I'll give them this much, there really hasn't been much info leaked as far as I can tell. For something this momentous, the rumor mill is starving for any tidbit, but there's really not much being tossed out there.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Maxine Chevallier writes:

    Jehovah “Removed him”. Mr. Morris has been DELETED.

    Tony Morris is now a “small one and no longer a great one” in the eyes of the brothers and sisters. As if it ever made an ounce of any real difference.

    He was harsh, bitterly critical of opposers and Apostates, ex-members who he called Jehovah enemies, gesturing one day with a match they would all vanish in a flash.

    Morriss was swiftly and suddenly “DELETED” removed from Holy Office as jJehovahSpokesperson amongst the others inside the Governing Body of Elders. His name and Internet details and files have been speedily and most swiftly changed when compared with the time it took to change others who had left or retired from position…

    This means in JW ORG “speak” but ONE dreadful thing. brother Morris must have been DELETED, Removed from Watchtower HQ by reason of undergoing a Judicial Committee action hearing, possibly for matters involving Alcoholism and causing serious “embarrassment” to Jehovah.

    Anthony Morris is yesterday’s man. His Career in Jehovah’s Spirit Directed Organization has hit a terminal roadblock, a rock on the road upon which he has stumbled and fallen, and Satan Rejoices…Or so it will be said behind closed doors at Watchtower World headquarters.

    Whether this is truly the last we have heard of Anthony Morris remains to be seen. Unconfirmed rumors speak of a possible link to a forthcoming high profile Child Sodomy abuse case nanamingnd implicating him (and by definition the rest of JJehovahFaithfull and Discreet slave calsclasster known by their earthly name as “The Governing Body of Elders”.

    it is not beyond the realms of possibility that WTBTS Society Deleted Morris because he is shortly to be indicted by the US Federal court and orders for very punitive and expensive compensation payments against the Watchtower are about to be made

    Jehovah does not like getting caught with his trousers down, so he has fired Morris and hopes to ride out the storm by saying he was NOT part of us when convicted.

    In short, WTBTS seeks to EVADE Child abuse court compensation payment orders by firing Morris ahead of schedule and saving Millions which instead they have just “conveniently” invested in totally unnecessary office administration complexes in the New York States Oyster bay region.

    Mere coincidence? Doubtful but we shall wait and see….

  • Vidiot
    Vanderhoven - “Mere coincidence?”

    I’m not a big believer in it.

    Can you imagine if he really was personally instrumental in sweeping criminal activity under the rug?

    After all that angry ranting about how evil “apostates” are?

    Makes you wonder if there was a little projection going on there.

  • Nikolaus
    they have to remove him still a bother for a little while then disfellowship him now he now longer is GB or annointed

    That is how they dealt with R. Franz.

  • peacefulpete

    Are we sure it wasn't just a hacker? It looks like someone playing games to me.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    No hacker or hacking going on here peacefulpete.

    While Tony's deletion announcement has been temporarily removed (to be rephrased) the About US > Frequently Asked Questions section under the title Who are the Members Of The Governing Body his name is deleted...instead of 10 there are 9 GB listed.

  • Ron.W.

    I can't believe we still know nothing about the reasons for his deletion!

  • peacefulpete

    There is no "Who Are the Members of the Governing Body" title. I'm assuming it was removed.

  • Listener

    Who are the members of the Governing Body?

    The members of the Governing Body are Kenneth Cook, Jr., Gage Fleegle, Samuel Herd, Geoffrey Jackson, Stephen Lett, Gerrit Lösch, Mark Sanderson, David Splane, and Jeffrey Winder. They serve at our world headquarters in Warwick, New York, U.S.A.

  • peacefulpete

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