Kingdom melodie haunting me

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  • Vivamus

    I'm sorry Chris, I can't make it stop for ya . Play some Limp Bizcit, that will drive the bad music away....

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Hey there all you thirsty ones, come and drink lifes water, Free. (It will just cost you your soul!!!!!)

  • Sentinel

    I listened to it once, then as it began playing the second time, I began feeling really creepy.

  • Country_Woman

    I heard the music Scully send to all of us and I saved it as song 114.

    Next what I did was trying to play it backward. I remembered that the elders sometimes told us that the Satanic Church sometimes played normal music backwards and wanted to know what a Kingdom Melody sounds backward ? Strangely enough I could still recognise the music (and was a bit disappointed).

    Like Eduardo, I like the the melodies and despite the words. I have never actually sang the wrong words by purpose, but there is a song from which the melody sounds like a very old TV film Ivanhoe, and on the 3rd line I allways had difficulties not to sing loud IVANHOE, maybe some of you remember the film and knows which one it is.

    On the moment, Viv is looking in the songbook to find the number and just thanks me for another tune stuck in her head.

    You will heard when we found out.

    Greetings and regards,

    Country Woman.

    PS Aunt Margriet, why should you not take that X/mas tree right now.We have done sillier things in the past.

  • Vivamus

    So, my mum is visiting me [so PLEASE Simon, don't deleted us for having the same IP addresses ] and she is humming this Ivanhoe tune. *What song is it* she askes me ... Like I know! I've been out for over a year now, as if I can remember the # of that particular song....

    Anyway's, my mum is humming next to me, and sure enough, I start singing along with it, UUuuughhh *we are witnesses of Gods Name, proudly la la la...*

    Talk about brainwashing...

  • nightwarrior

    Hi Viv

    You are soooooo cruel. I have just been reading the postings, and now Loyal Love is on my brain....aaarrgghh.

    But guess what, I use to sing No 13, to my kids ....because Jehovah created......and I still find myself humming it.

    At least it got the children to sleep when babies....maybe it was my singing though LOL

    Say hello to your mum HI Mum....

    Some of the songs were like funeral dirges, and then some like an Irish jig.... someone somewhere must have had a sick sense of humour. (the funeral dirge was always played when you brought an 'interested person' to the meeting) - the person never to be seen again....

    Anyway try and be nice in future, and not so cruel.


    Mrs NW me singing.....LOL

  • Scully


    In the old pink-purple colour song book, that was song # 62 "We're Jehovah's Witnesses". I don't remember what number it was in the brown/beige song book.

    The chorus went (in English): "We're Jehovah's Witnesses, we speak out in fearlessness! Ours is the God of true prophecyyyyyyyyyy, what he foretells comes to be!"

    You wanna know what's really scary? Most of these songs I can still remember word for word!

    Love, Scully

  • Vivamus

    Yep! Thats the one Scully, in the brown book its # 113, and when the chorus starts, my mum inevitable wants to chant out loud *Ivanhoe, Ivanhoeeeee* Gawd, it would be so much fun if she'd do it ones, by accident naturally, the look on the elders faces.... *snickers*.

    My mum, still sitting besides me, responds to that with *little change, I hardly ever am to be found in the Hall nowdays*.

  • Charmed

    Listening to the Life's Water song and then being reminded of the We're JW song just made my heart jump. It's weird that after being gone for so long these songs still affect me. It's almost like a sadness. I guess because when I was little I used to love those songs and now they just represent all the lies I was told for so many years. Sometimes I wish I could just forget what I've learned since reading Crisis of Conscience and discovering the whole religion is a scam because then I could just be blissfully ignorant with my family again. But, I can't go back, y'know. I just miss them and these songs made me think about how much I miss them.

  • Vivamus

    I know Charmed, this music certainly can bring back memories. And I'm sorry for anyone that have gotten bad or sad memories out of this thread, I certainly did not mean to bring sadness to anyone.

    Welcome to the forum Charmed, I hope you'll enjoy the place. There is a lot of information on here, and a lot of support as well.

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