Kingdom melodie haunting me

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  • Charmed

    Don't feel bad Viv, It's really not your fault. I just have 'issues' Thanks for the welcome!! I've been lurking for quite awhile, but I felt it was time to speak up!

  • Scully

    It's not surprising that we have such deep visceral reactions to music that was SO much part of who we were as JWs. The part of the brain that processes music and sound is very primitive - hearing begins to be developed at around 24-26 weeks' gestation. It's the reason why babies recognize their mother's voice and respond to her voice immediately after birth.

    Remember how so much of this music was closely intertwined with our faith and hope - of living forever in Paradise, of never having to die, of seeing loved ones raised from the dead - hearing the music after we've left the JWs brings part of that back, along with the knowledge that what we had was a false hope based on misplaced faith in a man-made organization. It's like opening an old wound and making it fresh again, and then rubbing salt and vinegar on it.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{ Group Hug }}}}}}}}}}}

    Love, Scully

  • mouthy

    Oh I loved that song!!!! Also Loyal Love!!

  • mouthy

    Oh its the same song DAH!!!! I thought "Come now all you thirsty ones" was differant from" Loyal love" ...Guess I ahave been outta there too long... THANK GOD

  • Vivamus

    Thanx Charmed, and I guess you're right Scully.

    But LMAO at Mouthy.

    ((((((group hug)))))) I'm off to bed

  • DFWnonJW

    OK, I only read through about half of the posts (till I got to the "stand for prayer" part actually) but I'll give you my secret for getting it out of your head or at least making it more tolerable in a funny sort of way.

    I vaugely remember this tune (#114) but when I saw the lyrics a worldly oldie came instantly to mind. So, try singing this one to the tune of "Georgy Girl" by the Seekers. Kind of fits :)

    "Hey there all you thirstyyyyyy ones, come and drink life's water free. Yes, come drink you thirstyyyyy onesssssss, God's loving kindness seeeeeee."

  • Undecided

    Damn am I lucky or what? I can't remember a single song from the Kingdom Songs. I don't have a song book to help me remember any of those songs. I used to sing in a quartet at wedings sometimes with my brother and cousins. I sang bass. It's been about 45 years ago. I did have a 33rpm record with the songs but it has vanished over the years.

    Sometimes I get sad when I look back at the good times I had with my family when I was a JW. I went back to my old log house a few days ago and talked to the guy who owns it now. He has lived in it longer than my family did. He bought it from my brother for $5000 back in 1966. That included 10 acres of land. It brought back many memories. There were some of the same trees that I grew up with, one my dad planted about the time I was born. He got it from the mountains and it is different from those usually around here. It was about 10 feet high when I left the place and now it is about 40 ft high.

    We owned about 350 acres back then and sold 250 and divided the 100 between the family. There are still a couple of JWs in the family still there. The rest of them are dead now. What happened to the new world? None of them were supposed to die before it came into existance.

    Ken P.

  • Athanasius

    Since I've been out for almost 20 years, I don't remember the old JW hymns. But if they do come to mind try to think about another musical score to replace the old Watch Tower songs. Anybody remember Moscow Nights?


  • azaria

    Gelukkig heefd ik nooit van dat liedje gehoord. Maar dan gelukkig was ik nooit een JW.

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