Kingdom melodie haunting me

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  • Gamaliel

    That song (loyal love) is in both the purple and the newer brown book. I think if they took a poll of the top songs that we thought were "pretty" that one might top the list with most of us. It sticks with me and makes me sad, too. But maybe part of the reason is that it reminds us in some way that it wasn't all bad, there was some beauty there. There were plenty of truly ugly songs, too, but I think we miss the good parts. And we wish there weren't so many sick bas*ards in that religion that have ruined former friendships and relationships over a stupid little belief system.


  • NaruNaruChan

    Reminds me of singing with my old friends at the hall. Eugh, like i need to remember that.

  • Vivamus

    My dear Aunt Margriet ... You gotta be kidding me! This song makes you want a Christmas Tree in your living room?! LMAO, thats too funny. Ohhh, what I wouldn't give to tell the GB that their song inspires Christmas toughts, LOL.

    (((Gamaliel))), I know, some things were beautiful, I still miss some of my friends. Stupid rules, stupid religion.

  • Vivamus

    BTW, Limp Bizcit really, and totally, rocks. *this time I'ma gonna let it all come out, its my way, my way or the highway - some day you're gonna see things my way*

  • topanga

    NewbieDude! this sounds like some demented melody from the mind of a
    serial killer or some brainwashed mental patient who sits in a corner
    drooling rocking back and forth strangely comforted by that eerie strange
    melodie. kinda like sweeney todd or the phantom of the opera.

  • Oroborus21

    I like the Kingdom Melodies. Even if the lyrics are sometimes dated or plainly moronic the melodies are sweet and soothing. I often hum and sing them.

    What i was wondering though did anyone ever have fun deliberately mis-singing them at the meetings. Like maybe with the song that started this thread, God's Loyal Love, singing it ala Bobby Dylan.....Haaaaya ther ALL YOU thurrsty ONES....

    It can be a funny diversion just to break up the monotony sometimes.


  • gitasatsangha

    "Hey there all your thirsty ones" always made me want a beer.

    the song that sometimes gets stuck in my head is that "how bright is the light" song

  • Francois

    ALL JW music, and I do mean ALL of it, even that which they ripped off from Beethoven, sounds like a bad mixture of elevator music and high school band.


  • topanga

    they should write new ones and include the new light...ah ahem.

  • christopherceo

    OKAY!!! Who put the music in here? It's still playing as I am typing, still...going...slowly...killing me..........make it stop.........please Viv

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