We'd Like to KILL the apostates, but we can't....

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I had read this quote before but honestly can anyone really be surprised by the sentiment behind it? Look at what Jehovah's Witnesses DO and see how people are treated. There is no love, no kindness, no goodness, only relentless demands enforced by guilt, threats and fear.

    They're not a religion, they're a prison camp. Anyone who steps out of line is punished. Anyone who makes the attempt to escape is executed. Anyone who actually escapes is hunted down and executed.

    Don't listen to what they say, look at what they do.

  • czarofmischief

    I'd like to see 'em try to exterminate us... That'd be so funny - tonight a judicial committee and stoning!

    Can't you just see those old farts heaving rocks with their flaccid, trembling arms. It'd take forever to get a fatal hit!


  • berylblue
    death by stoning for two of them

    And I'll bet there was thunderous applause by the almost literally captive audience when these two were stoned.

    I've said it before, please forgive me for being redundant. My daughters and I used to literally cringe when "bad" persons died in these lovely, excellently blocked and exquisitely narrated (LOL) dramas. What made us even more nauseated was when the audience applauded with disgustingly passionate enthusiasm.

    Whatever happened to, "I take no delight in the death of anyone unrighteous?" (Now where is that scripture???)


  • berylblue

    Re: We'd Like to KILL the apostates, but we can't....

    But don't fret, everyone. I'm sure your gracious and kind heavenly father will demonstrate his love for you by affording you plenty of opportunity to do so in the future. May you be the ones to throw the first stones being as these evil apostates have made your lives a living hell,


  • Ravyn

    <<<The law of the land and God’s law through Christ forbid us to kill apostates, even though they be members of our own flesh-and-blood family relationship.>>>

    what the f does that mean? Like we might be able to kill them if they are strangers?


  • betweenworlds

    I just found this gem from the Insight book in the section about Deuteronomy:


    and Laws. Deuteronomy is filled with warnings against false worship and unfaithfulness as well as instructions on how to deal with it so that pure worship might be preserved. The exhortation to holiness was an outstanding thing in Deuteronomy. The Israelites were admonished not to intermarry with the nations round about, because this would present a threat to pure worship and loyalty to Jehovah. (De 7:3, 4) They were warned against materialism and self-righteousness. (8:11-18; 9:4-6) Strong laws were made regarding apostasy. They were to watch themselves so that they would not turn to other gods. (11:16, 17) They were warned against false prophets. Instructions were given in two places as to how to identify a false prophet and how he should be dealt with. (13:1-5; 18:20-22) Even if a member of one’s own family should become apostate, the family was not to have pity but was to share in stoning such a one to death.—13:6-11.

    Cities of Israel that turned apostate were to be devoted to destruction, and nothing was to be preserved for personal benefit by anyone. The city was never to be rebuilt. (De 13:12-17) Delinquents whose parents could not control them were to be stoned to death.—21:18-21.

    Does this mean it's ok to stone the GB for their false prophecies?

  • gumby

    I wonder where they learned this from,

    The most disturbing aspect of Yahweh’s humanoid personality, however, is his blood-lust. The smell of burning flesh is a ‘sweet savour unto the lord’ – so sweet, in fact, that the phrase appears in the Old Testament no fewer than twenty three times. The butchery demanded by god is trully monumental. Believers are required to sacrifice two lambs day-by-day continuously – and that’s just for starters! Just as well Yahweh had several thousand priests to help him trough through the banquet!

    Livestock bears the brunt of god’s appetite but humans could so easily get the chop from the big guy. God kills Uzza for simply steadying the tumbling Ark (1Chronicles 13.9,10). Poor Onan was zapped for using the withdrawal method of birth control (Genesis 38.10). But such isolated vindictiveness palls in comparison with the mass killings of the Lord. When the autocratic Moses faces a rebellion led by Korah, God uses an earthquake and fire to consume two hundred and fifty rebels. When indignant sympathizers protest at the injustice, God wipes out another fourteen thousand seven hundred with a plague (Numbers 16). What a guy!

    In Joshua’s (supposed) wars of conquest, God gets right in there. He throws down ‘great stones from heaven’ (Joshua 10.11) and scores a better body-count than his Israelites with mere swords. When the Lord gets up a real head of steam the slaughter reaches a truly epic scale. For merely looking into his Ark, Yahweh wipes out fifty thousand and seventy unfortunate men of Bethshemesh (1 Samuel 6.19). When King David slips up and orders a national census, an enraged God zaps seventy thousand. Quite apart from the celestial superman’s own killing, he animates his favourites into wiping out whole cities and nations. Jericho, Sodom, Gomorah, Ai, Makkedah, Libnah etc., etc., are ‘smote and consumed’ – men, women, young, old, ox, sheep and ass! ‘You shall annihilate them - Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites – as Yahweh your God commanded you.’ (Deuteronomy 20.11,18) In the largest single god-inspired massacre in the Bible, one million Ethiopians are slaughtered! (2 Chronicles 14).

    But then we have been warned:

    ‘The Lord is a man of war; the Lord is his name.’ (Exodus 15.3).

    All this carnage, of course, is allegorical, albeit that certain stories may have a tenuous link with an ancient skirmish somewhere. The point is to terrify people into obedience of the priesthood.

    ‘Moses’ is an archetypal ‘wise priest’, who rules with a rod of iron and brooks no opposition. ‘Take heed’ is the warning. ‘Look what happens when you disobey the word of the Lord!’


    ''The Bible has been interpreted to justify such evil practices as, for example, slavery, the slaughter of prisoners of war, the sadistic murders of women believed to be witches, capital punishment for hundreds of offenses, polygamy, and cruelty to animals. It has been used to encourage belief in the grossest superstition and to discourage the free teaching of scientific truths.'
    –Steve Allen (Bible Religion & Morality
  • Tashawaa

    "Being limited by the laws of the worldly nation in which we live and also by the laws of God through Jesus Christ, we can take action against apostates only to a certain extent, that is, consistent with both sets of laws. The law of the land and God’s law through Christ forbid us to kill apostates, even though they be members of our own flesh-and-blood family relationship. However, God’s law requires us to recognize their being disfellowshiped from his congregation, and this despite the fact that the law of the land in which we live requires us under some natural obligation to live with and have dealings with such apostates under the same roof. "

    Here's a thought... Rome had the same limits of law for the jews. They couldn't "stone" those who broke the Law. I remember a few years ago, when I was leaving Dubdom, I found an article (WT???)dealing with Rome and "sinful jews" - how the law limited the Isreal way of punishment, so in fact, they were restricted from the temple, and in "effect" disfellowshipped. So I brought up the point to my mom... who did Christ preach to??? Simply put, it was the sinners - the ones of the Isreal nation that "left" because of the pharisees/burdens/law, etc. He associated with the "disfellowshipped" ones - ones who were "raised" as Jews, knew the laws, but did not live by it.

    If anyone can find the article, its about 2pgs. I just moved, and I don't have my "library" and I refuse to polute my computer with the CD .

  • mouthy

    When I was DF My JW daughter said "It is a good thing Mum you dont live in Jesus time -I would have to stone you to death......I asked if she would- she said She would have to be obediant...

    What does scripture say???? "Honor thy Father & thy Mother????Yeah Right!!!!..

  • sf

    Some current 'items' on 'APOSTACY AMONG US WORLDWIDE':

    ... rise up against the infidel Americans and warned Muslims that any who side with the
    United States are apostates. ... The Associated Press contributed to this report ...
    www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,78361,00.html - 47k - Apr 4, 2003 - Cached - Similar pages

    CNN.com - End of the world? Sect withdraws kids from Utah schools ...
    ... Church attorney Scott Berry said apostates distort the facts, but he would not
    comment directly on her allegations. Copyright 2000 The Associated Press. ...
    www.cnn.com/2000/US/09/12/polygamists.schools.ap/ - 41k - Cached - Similar pages

    2002 Pulitzer Prizes-INTERNATIONAL REPORTING, Works
    ... aid workers were displayed for the news media in Kabul (Associated Press). ... the
    Taliban have warned against turning Afghan believers into Afghan apostates. ...
    www.pulitzer.org/year/2002/international-reporting/ works/082301.html - 15k - Apr 4, 2003 - Cached - Similar pages

    (not so current):

    Brief on Iran, No. 1225
    ... Rally to Denounce Clerical Regime, Associated Press, September 7 ... warnings to the pro-Khatami
    press after a ... end Islamic punishments as the work of "apostates.". ...
    www.iran-e-azad.org/english/boi/12250908_99.html - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

    More hits here; and remember to play with keywords for optimum results:




    ... Christ forbid us to kill apostates (suppressives), even ... Today they are known as Jehovah's
    Christian witnesses...Of ... the pool-room, all time-killing and character ...
    home1.gte.net/smpc/jw.html - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

    >>>>>>>> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Jehovah+killing+apostates <<<<<<<


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