We'd Like to KILL the apostates, but we can't....

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  • Bella15

    Wow ... the JWs would fit perfectly in a slamic nation ruled by shariah law ...

    I have said it before, my mother salivates at the thought of us, her children, being killed in their "armageddon". If she could kill us right now, she would do it. Deep inside her there is this "spiritual madness/siding with their god Jehovah by killing ... I don't know how to describe it, but some of you may get the idea.

    I like to read stuff like this because it validates what I sensed since I was a little child ... I always sensed the lack of love for God's creation they have as an institution ... they make you believe you are loving people while in fact you are hating them ... they call it godly hate or something like that ...

    Just last night I was watching a program about Hitler and the things he used to say (his own voice recorded) ,,, stuff/language that you would hear/read also from the Watchtower Corporation.

    Reading material like that should help us - exJWs - to be thankful to be out and truly if our families don't want anything with us, just feel pitty for them and go on with our lives ... save our souls, mind, sanity...

  • NewYork44M

    A little bit of serendipity but here was a headline on MSN. I hope this does not give the GB any ideas.

    Sudan judge sentences Christian woman to death for apostasy


  • Giordano

    The WT already has it's own version of Sharia law. 32 reasons to DF someone when the bible mentions 6(?). They've been making it up for a 100 years.

  • BackseatDevil

    So in the 1950s (here in the States) there was general movement away from the death penalty in capital punishment because of all the atrocities that came to light in WW2. The softening caused many states to abolish the death penalty in the 1950-60s (Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, Oregon, Iowa, West Virginia, Vermont, New York and New Mexico joinined Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin).

    Jehovah's Witnesses were among those that were persecuted under Hitler's regime, so following the war the JWs had more fervor and fear because YES, ANY WORLDLY GOVERNMENT COULD TURN AGAINST THEM AT ANY TIME. Because of that there is this 'play nice' to the governments (as you noticed there is a subjection to laws of the nations), but there is also this idea of complete and thorough eradication of those who are “diseased” to form a religion that could withstand the test of another Hitler... even in a place like the United States (shown with the use of our Japanese concentration camps).

    Separation of family through death was a very REAL factor at that time, regardless of method. Whereas most of the United States softened to becine more humanitarian and less violent, Jehovah's Witnesses used the idea to harden their parishioners to a bolder sense of division between the exercise of the forces of good (in their minds, themselves) and the forces of evil (in their minds, the nations to which they are subject to).

  • berrygerry


    He should have read the red parts in court.

    Interesting that the elder said that it's okay to say Hi! at the supermarket.

  • Finkelstein

    Funny I was just reflecting on the Islamic fundamentalist and how they treat apostates in their own ancient beliefs.

    That religion/civilization as well enforced loyalty to their male dominated leaders by the fear of death.

    Inhumane brutality for the power and glory to the almighty God(s)


    What becomes even more appalling is that they are still killing people (beheading as directed by the Quran)

    even to this day.

  • sd-7

    This was always one of the most disturbing WT articles I can recall ever reading. If you can stomach it, anyone who is wondering about the nature of this organization should take some time and read some of the 1950s Watchtower articles. The tone of quite a few of those articles is outright hostile, even some of the responses to Questions From Readers--they actually go on ad hominem attacks against readers who asked legitimate questions! One classic article about DF'ing, as I recall, told people who are DF'd to basically get out and die along with the rest of Satan's world.

    I think above all the other problems, this attitude towards DF'ing that the Society had was one of the biggest things that told me something was wrong. In reading about Jesus' life, I was always struck at how he took an interest in the worst sinners, despite the contempt that others may have had for such people. The Watchtower seemed to be quite the opposite, utterly inflexible about it all.

    But I guess for those of us who got out, we can be thankful that we're not under people who think this way. Because it really is a sick way to view one's fellow humans, whatever they may have done. But then...got to remember that it's still the same god who ordered a man's execution for gathering wood on a Saturday. So...they're just a reflection of Jehovah's many wonderful qualities...


  • Twitch


  • betweenworlds
    Here is the rest of the article: God’s law does not allow a marriage partner to dismiss his mate because his mate becomes disfellowshiped or apostatizes. Neither will the law of the land in most cases allow a divorce to be granted on such grounds. The faithful believer and the apostate or disfellowshiped mate must legally continue to live together and render proper marriage dues one to the other. A father may not legally dismiss his minor child from his household because of apostasy or disfellowshiping, and a minor child or children may not abandon their father or their mother just because he becomes unfaithful to God and his theocratic organization. The parent must by laws of God and of man fulfill his parental obligations to the child or children as long as they are dependent minors, and the child or children must render filial submission to the parent as long as legally underage or as long as being without parental consent to depart from the home. Of course, if the children are of age, then there can be a departing and breaking of family ties in a physical way, because the spiritual ties have already snapped.

    If children are of age and continue to associate with a disfellowshiped parent because of receiving material support from him or her, then they must consider how far their spiritual interests are being endangered by continuing under this unequal arrangement, and whether they can arrange to support themselves, living apart from the fallen-away parent. Their continuing to receive material support should not make them compromise so as to ignore the disfellowshiped state of the parent. If, because of acting according to the disfellowship order of the company of God’s people, they become threatened with a withdrawal of the parental support, then they must be willing to take such consequences.

    Satan’s influence through the disfellowshiped member of the family will be to cause the other member or members of the family who are in the truth to join the disfellowshiped member in his course or in his position toward God’s organization. To do this would be disastrous, and so the faithful family member must recognize and conform to the disfellowship order. How would or could this be done while living under the same roof or in personal, physical contact daily with the disfellowshiped? In this way: By refusing to have religious relationship with the disfellowshiped.

    The marriage partner would render the marriage dues according to the law of the land and in due payment for all material benefits bestowed and accepted. But to have religious communion with the disfellowshiped person—no, there would be none of that! The faithful marriage partner would not discuss religion with the apostate or disfellowshiped and would not accompany that one to his (or her) place of religious association and participate in the meetings with that one. As Jesus said: “If he does not listen even to the congregation [which was obliged to disfellowship him], let him be to you just as a man of the nations and as a tax collector [to Jehovah’s sanctified nation].” (Matt. 18:17, NW) Hurt to such one would not be authorized, but there would be no spiritual or religious fellowshiping.

    The same rule would apply to those who are in the relation of parent and child or of child and parent. What natural obligation falls upon them according to man’s law and God’s law the faithful parent or the faithful child will comply with. But as for rendering more than that and having religious fellowship with such one in violation of the congregation’s disfellowship order—no, none of that for the faithful one! If the faithful suffers in some material or other way for the faithful adherence to theocratic law, then he must accept this as suffering for righteousness’ sake.

    The purpose of observing the disfellowship order is to make the disfellowshiped one realize the error of his way and to shame him, if possible, so that he may be recovered, and also to safeguard your own salvation to life in the new world in vindication of God. (2 Thess. 3:14, 15; Titus 2:8) Because of being in close, indissoluble natural family ties and being of the same household under the one roof you may have to eat material food and live physically with that one at home, in which case 1 Corinthians 5:9-11 and 2 John 10 could not apply; but do not defeat the purpose of the congregation’s disfellowship order by eating spiritual or religious food with such one or receiving such one favorably in a religious way and bidding him farewell with a wish for his prosperity in his apostate course.

  • nicolaou
    The marriage partner would render the marriage dues according to the law of the land and in due payment for all material benefits bestowed and accepted.

    Nawww, that might be the soppiest, most romantic thing I ever read. It's like that Lion King song; "Can you feel the love tonight . . ."

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