Evolution is a Fact #1 - Protein Functional Redundancy

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  • Landy

    That's two or three times you've mentioned how wealthy you are.

    I'm pleased for you. Really I am.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    There is no evolution like you believe Cofty and these videos prove that

    Really? No evolution at all?!

    There are many breeds of dogs. All can breed with each other, and with the wolf (the ancestor of domestic dogs). Wolf and dog are genetically similar.

    In some instances, fertilization cannot naturally be achieved because of physical contraints. A chihuahua cannot successfully mate with a wolf or with an Irish wolfhound because of the size difference. Nevertheless, a female wolf or Irish wolfhound can be artificially inseminated with Chihuahua sperm and viable, fertile offspring will result.

    I'm not sure when domestic dogs first came into existence, perhaps 15,000 years ago or possibly much earlier.

    In the context of geologic time, 15,000 years is like the blink of an eye. And yet hundreds of dog breeds have evolved in that timeframe.

    You accept that domestic dogs evolved from wolves, right?

  • Landy
    Watch these videos and you will see Cofty has no idea of what he speaks about.

    that's a very bold statement.

    I have no intention of wading through that crap. I'll stick with the facts of evolution if it's all the same to you.

    You are free to continue to use whichever crutch you need though.

  • cofty
    lash out vehemently against those who don't agree - makeme...

    Who has lashed out? Who has been calmly presenting evidence and who has been making personal attacks?

    Contrast and compare.

    We really have zero interest in your wealth. Why do you keep talking about it? It's so crass.

    SBF - I asked James politely, he refused. Fair enough. Nobody is excluding contrary evidence. I objected to posting 15 hours of videos as a substitute for debate.

    Let anybody who wants to wade through hours of Hovind's preaching.

    We are on page 7. Lots of superstitious people have objected loudly to the OP and thrown around a lot of ad hominem attacks. So far not one word to refute the content of the OP.


  • Landy
    And it's only the creationists that are throwing insults and names about.
  • James Brown
    James Brown


    I posted the videos for you and others who cannot understand and are not detail orientated.

    How are you ever going to understand this debate on evolution when you trip all over the small words.

    I never said no evolution at all.

    I said evolution like Cofty believes.

    Cofty believes we came from a rock and that there is no God, and the bible is false.

    And that we all have a common ancestor.

    I say there is no evolution like Cofty believes and the videos will prove that.

    The devil is in the details and in your case the little words.

  • average joe
    average joe

    Science still teaches evolution as a theory.... that is a fact!

    I don't know how evolution knew what it needed to keep or make and what to discard. I dont know how it knew it needed skin and how to make it. I dont know how it knew it needed a skeletal structure and how to make and how to not make it wrong. I dont know how it knew it needed joints in those skeletal structures and where they needed to be and fluid sacs and so on. I dont know how it needed muscles to lift the bones and to stand and how to make these muscles which also require blood and a heart and lungs etc. I dont know how evolution knew it needed a respiratory system , a reproduction system, a nervous system, a circulatory system, a skeletal system, a digestive system, and how did it know what it needed and how to make it and then wire the whole body according to its needs.

    Its easy to use big words.... Its also easy to say evolution found a way or figured it out. Its another thing to explain how evolution made choices of what it needed and didnt need. I mean either evolution knew exactly what it needed to build the human body and made no mistakes at all implying intelligent creation or evolution made mistakes and then made choices of how to fix them by discarding things it didn't need. How did evolution know when to stop evolving ?

    The human body is perfect aside from old age and failing parts.

    The entire human body from the very beginning at each step along its development begs the question how did nature know it needed anything at all?.... and how did it know what it needed?... How did it know where to put anything or connect anything ? How did it know what it didn't need? I have to go so hopefully this coherent enough lol

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    You complain about 7 hours of Hovinds teaching

    But to understand Coftys preaching you have to go to 7 or 8 years of university deprograming and brainwashing and then you still wont understand or be able to defend your postion.

    Dawkins will not debate Hovind.

    That' says everything right there.

    Hovind is a former high school teacher science and math. He knows his stuff.

    I have been to college and have my textbooks and what he talks about is in the textbooks.

    Cofty abhors the big picture. He loves to take little small sections and go off on a tangent.

    Cofty reminds me of the blind men and the elephant. They are all clueless.

  • Earnest

    What a pleasure to see coft and slimboyfat being so polite. In truth I would not expect anything else from either of them. However, when someone says "I'm asking you politely" the implication is that if you don't comply then I will have to be more direct. Like offering a bunch of fives instead. It just lowers the tone, don't you think.

    The general premise that all scientists accept evolution may be true, but evolution is not a fixed doctrine and is understood differently by different people. It is also true that many scientists believe in God so the mere acceptance of a belief does not necessarily make it true.

    If all living things evolved from a common ancestor then we can make a prediction about the differences between the Cytochrome C protein in different species. We would expect them to differ from each other in a predictable way that mirrors their evolutionary history.

    The fact (if it is true) that the yeast Candida krusei has 51 amino acid differences from the human sequence does not fill me with confidence that every living thing can be slotted in between 51 and zero. My first question would be whether other yeasts have more or fewer differences to the human sequence and what that indicates.

    I am not entirely arguing for God of the Gaps but the information offered falls far short of the fact that evolution is purported to be.

  • cofty
    Science still teaches evolution as a theory.... - average joe

    Thanks for raising this as it is a very common misunderstanding. Charlatans like Hovind know they are misleading believers when they use this fallacy.

    In science a theory is the very best thing we have. Something has to be established beyond all reasonable doubt before it qualifies to be called a theory.

    I don't know how evolution knew what it needed to keep or make and what to discard - average joe

    It didn't. Every living thing from fungi to humans developed through a combination of random mutation and natural selection. A human is not "more evolved" than a cabbage it just evolved differently to fill a different niche.

    The human body is perfect aside from old age and failing parts

    Actually this is far from true. Our evolutionary history is written in our bodies and it is far from ideal. I will look at some of this later. Please keep reading

    Thank you for your questions

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