Evolution is a Fact #1 - Protein Functional Redundancy

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  • smiddy

    I for one look forward to more of your posts on this topic cofty .

    I wonder why some people try to shut down these type of discussions .?


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    Shadow is funny. He makes funny jokes.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    "Common sense leads towards a creator"

    Wow! Thanks for validating a point I made on another thread where I said:

    Many people believe in a supreme creator god because they use common sense. Common sense is acquired from our personal experiences of how the world works. Obviously our common sense is thus limited by our experiences - lived or learned. Common sense is good for common, every day life. But is it wise to use common sense to explain uncommon, exotic phenomena?

    Theists know that complex machinery and human technology come about by human creators. Using common sense they project this principle of creation of the functional and complex unto the natural world. If a house needs a designer, then surely the universe does too, they reason.

    But remember what we said about common sense being informed by human experience. We know from human experience that human technology needs a creator and it's possible to see human technology in the process of being made. What experience do we have of universes being made? None.

  • EndofMysteries
    Creationism has absolutely nothing going for it all. On the other hand evolution is supported by an overwhelming amount of objective evidence. The information in the OP of this thread should be enough to convince any rational person.

    When man created machines and computers, did he completely reinvent the wheel? In the late 1800's why didn't they just create the iphone as it's shown today? Since computers can be shown to have evolved then that information shows that man didn't make computers but they all evolved on their own and had no human input. With that being said, why do you limit a creator to having to make all life forms distinct with no sharing characteristics or base?

  • fukitol

    Where are your references? Your amateurish synopses mean nothing unless you can thoroughly back them up with academic references.

  • Mephis
    No science please, I'm common sensing a theory which validates my current bronze age explanation for how life developed. Of course everything is a little bit similar if Atum masturbated all the other gods into being and cried happy tears which became humans. Everything carries a little part of Atum with them and that's clearly what you're trying to describe. We had this figured out 4000 years ago guys. Why the debate?
  • konceptual99
    I for one look forward to more of your posts on this topic cofty .

    100% agree.

    I wonder why some people try to shut down these type of discussions .?

    Because they interpret well established, factual assertions as some kind of dogmatic statement based on nothing more than ego and hubris. Rather than coming up with reasonable arguments as to how the data could be realistically interpreted differently to support creation they view a pure statement of fact as a personal attack purely based on intellectual snobbery.

  • cofty
    The debate has raged for 1000's years. I doubt a conversation on a semi-religious board is miraculously going to solve life's finite beginning - makeme

    Actually the evidence has only began to emerge in the past 150 years. The most compelling evidence from the field of genetics has only been available in the last few decades.

    It is no longer a debate. Evolution is a fact.

    Why does every message board on the internet that is theology based seem to have want to be evolutionary biologists - Clambake

    This thread is posted in the "Doctrines and Beliefs" forum. Creationism is a basic doctrine of JWs. It is a false doctrine and that fact alone proves the WT are not a true religion.

    Good examples of classic propaganda techniques by the evolutionary faithful here - Shadow

    Actually I thought the OP was a good example of complex scientific facts presented in a simple way for anybody who has no science background.

    Where are your references? - FuckItAll

    Google "Protein functional redundancy" and stop being so lazy

    Isn't it interesting that there have been lots of tantrums and personal attacks but not one single comment on the facts?

    Part 2 later...

  • Darkknight757
    Great post!! Looking forward to more on this series. Evolution is such a fascinating subject.
  • SecretSlaveClass

    shadow8 hours ago

    Good examples of classic propaganda techniques by the evolutionary faithful here.

    Faith has no place in science. Either you accept the evidence or you do not - in which case people who tend to base their decisions on fact would continue their examination of empirical evidence until the facts all corroborated the proposed theory. Naturally I would expect this point to be lost on emotional "believers" to whom evidence means nothing and emotional commitment means everything.
    Thanks Cofty, looking forward to the continuation of this lesson!

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