Evolution is a Fact #1 - Protein Functional Redundancy

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  • DJS

    SSC and Cofty,

    You each point out the primary issues with this site and between the religious and the non-religious in general, regardless of the topic. The only thing required for sentient (barely?) beings to believe is to feel. For thousands of years religions have made quick converts from the illiterate and uneducated by giving them a bowl of rice, a 'miracle' or a promise of a paradise wherein all of their problems will be gone.

    Whatever thinking or knowledge the religious typically consider is confirmationally biased with one intention - to maintain and confirm those feelings and beliefs. The highest rung on our evolutionary ladder is one they avoid at all cost; that rung is to consider the full breadth, depth and width of our knowledge on a particular subject and scientifically or empirically test that knowledge to see if it stands up to scrutiny.

    It is too scary for them, as they would rather resort to the only tools they have to respond to such knowledge, and that is almost always name calling or red herring arguments and a myriad of other debating tactics employed by those who have no evidence, no facts and who cannot refute the evidence and facts presented.

    Like junkies, they are addicted to their emotions and they don't even know it. Religion and confirmation bias are two of the most damaging aspects of our species.

  • Vidiot

    cofty - "...evolution is supported by an overwhelming amount of objective evidence."

    Not to mention that it does a much better job explaining the weirder shit found in nature.

  • shadow
    Faith has no place in science. Either you accept the evidence or you do not - in which case people who tend to base their decisions on fact would continue their examination of empirical evidence until the facts all corroborated the proposed theory. Naturally I would expect this point to be lost on emotional "believers" to whom evidence means nothing and emotional commitment means everything.

    Exactly my point! Thanks for your support!

  • Watchtower-Free
  • sowhatnow

    Im all for trying to understand the science behind how the world came to be, but my brain hasn't evolved enough allow me to grasp math and science.

    Now dont laugh too hard, and dont hang me.

    I always remember the WT explanation of why evolution wouldn't work, the claim that if you put a bunch of watch parts in a clothes dryer and tumble them around, a watch is not going to get made.

    It always disturbed me though, as to where any matter came from to begin with. [the human idea that something doesn't come from nothing]

    [WHO put those watch pieces in?lol]

    Now here is how my mind works with no prior reading of any science. [ i cant understand it anyway, I read your post twice and still dont get it. I failed science,lol]

    How did matter, or proteins or whatever, lol, 'find a compatible mate' to connect to, to get a process started?

    what set off a big bang ? where did it all come from to be there in space? see, where still not there yet, and so we make up religion to explain away things. [all religion is man made anyway].

    am i wrong to think, if large pieces of oddly shaped 'puzzles' were put in a gravity free 'space' and they floated around long enough, they would fit together well enough eventually, even if it took a million years. and then things as they gain more 'ability', can 'evolve' into something?

    yes im that stupid.

    However, again,lol, my mind wants to know where all of this stuff floating around came from, and what it is floating around in .

    Now don't hang me for being so naive, lol, i cant digest science talk, it like a foreign language .seriously. not my fault, its my genetics. Im more hands on, not a brainiac.

    [ my son, has left the jws years ago when he was 20, after listening and reading to Steven hawking and Richard Dawkins and whoever else is anti bible and creation,[ i like that sam harris] he had to convince me were not crazy to stop believing the bible. well, I was all for it.]

    now the Queen of Clean must go to work, have fun with your ridicule, lol

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Ironically, reading through this thread brought a scripture to mind:

    . . . do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet. . .

    -Matt 7:6

  • sowhatnow
    lol, your all speechless, my work here is done.
  • DJS


    I can't wrap my tiny brain around a lot of science either, such as quantum physics, some of the minutia associated with evolution and what's up with girls, for examples. Thankfully there are a lot of very smart people engaged in such studies, however, and we can learn from them.

    What you can do My Highness of Clean, is closely evaluate your feelings and beliefs about such topics, especially religion. To swallow the entire religious manifesto hook, line and sinker means that you are tied with steel cables to your most basic human factor. Your emotions. As Fraulein Maria said (sang?). Let's start at the very beginning. That's a very good place to start.

    Even better: Decide today that you will live an evidence based life. You won't regret it. The rest will take care of itself.

  • Clambake

    When my wife was pregnant she was called before a meeting with the elders and they had to inform her of medical options. They started to about blood fractions and such and which were acceptable and a bunch of medical mumble jumble.

    After they were done I asked them where they went to medical school. I later informed them we are not talking any medical advice from a couple fucking janitors and told them this isn’t any of their business.

    I really don’t think people should take copy and paste evolutionary biologists with much seriousness. Their interest in science really doesn’t go beyond arguing with theists.

  • Saintbertholdt

    Nice article Cofty thanks. My only gripe is that I thought that there was 21 protein amino acids found in the Eukaryote domain.

    Oh and why didn't you mention Abraxas? He is the lord and master of the universe after all.

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