Evolution is a Fact #1 - Protein Functional Redundancy

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  • cofty
    I see no randomness and human beings could not have come about by chance but had to have been designed

    Sorry I missed this important point.

    The mutations are random. The "selection" of useful mutations is not.

    Bad ones don't build bodies that pass on genes in a competitive environment - useful ones do.

    This is "natural selection".

    Put succinctly evolution is the change in allele frequency in a gene pool over time.

  • average joe
    average joe

    People are still trying to prove evolution. It still hasn't been proven .

    If evolution were true there would be an abundance of evidence.

    Instead of evolutionists saying look at this mountain of evidence they point us to the tiny grain of sand and hope that it might prove evolution but it never does.

    In order to explain evolution it requires huge jumps and assumptions with no evidence or proof along with many words. It requires convincing .. to do this evolutionists try to convince you this took place over many many years .

    There is no way that the human body said hey i need to build skin to hold everything in and bones to support everything and muscles to move everything and a brain to control everything but i need a heart to pump the blood and lungs to breathe and a liver to clean and joints so i can move, eyes so i can see and so on and so on. I would also have to create the human body perfect the first time or as we know we would die . It would have to create the whole human body at once. There is no way it knew what it needed and what it didnt need and how to use what it had available. In my opinion there is no way the human body came about by randomness or chance. just my opinion.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    People are still trying to prove evolution. It still hasn't been proven .

    If evolution were true there would be an abundance of evidence.

    Those statements are completely false. Evolution has already been proven and there is an abundance of evidence.

    You obviously know very little to nothing about evolution and are just parroting what you've heard from anti-evolution, pro-creation sources. If you really did look into the subject you would know just how false your statements are and how short-sighted and ignorant your reasoning is.

    I know this because I was once just like you saying very similar and it was due to my ignorance and my assumption that what pro-creation sources - specifically Watchtower - were saying, is true. Boy was I wrong! If you don't research evolution from credited scientific sources and you just accept what anti-evolution, creationist sources say, you're doomed to remaining in complete ignorance and repeating blatant falsehoods, fallacies and miss-characterizations.

  • cofty
    just my opinion - average Joe

    Joe how many books that present the scientific evidence for evolution have you studied?

  • Heisenberg

    Posted by average joe

    In my opinion there is no way the human body came about by randomness or chance.

    Does this mean that you believe in a creator? In the bible? If so, why did God create us in way that our bodies get sick and die?

    Do you think it is strange that humans resemble chimpanzees as much as they do? If humans are God's special creation, why aren't we totally unique? We should not be part of the animal kingdom. We should not be mammals.

    I find it puzzling that God would create Adam out of dust... apparently from scratch... but he would resemble one of his previous creations. Why?!

  • Landy

    In my opinion there is no way the human body came about by randomness or chance.

    That's my opinion as well - it had nothing to do with randomness and chance.

    It did however have everything to do with natural selection and evolution.

    edit - this site is a bloody nightmare when using a phone :(

  • average joe
    average joe
    I disagree totally anyways not going to debate it.
  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Snowflakes, planets, stars, and the human body.

    All created by natural processes.

  • cofty
    I disagree totally anyways not going to debate it - average joe

    Reality does not require our agreement.

    I replied to your questions directly but you ignored my response and posted the same misguided objections again. That isn't how we learn things Joe.

    If you took the time to read a basic introduction to evolution you would see that all your questions are based on a misunderstanding of how evolution works.

    If you would like to choose one of your objections at a time and have a conversation about it I'm sure we could make progress.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    For those who wanted sources:

    What Cofty said:

    "The number of possible amino acid sequences that would result in a functional Cytochrome C protein molecule has been calculated to be a billion times larger than all the atoms in the known universe."

    The source:

    Yockey, H. P. (1992)
    Information Theory and Molecular Biology. New York, Cambridge University Press.

    Given the information that Cofty has (which is very good, thank you for the amazing amount of research opportunities that this has given me), I think he got the info for the post from here:


    This page goes into very great detail as to why this is an incredible confirmation of one important part of the modern evolutionary theory: common descent.

    If there are 10^93 different aminoacid combinations that yield a functional cytochrome C, why then, can you make a relationship between the different species, just based on the tiny differences in this molecule?

    The evidence clearly points to common descent.

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