Every JW Elder In State Of Pennsylvania Subpoenaed

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  • TonusOH
    Fisherman: Nobody wants the aggravation of getting legally entangled.

    The sad thing is, I think this is exactly the WTS's attitude. Never mind the hundreds, or thousands, of children who have been and are being abused and having their lives tragically ruined... we don't need the hassle of dealing with it, or even of letting others deal with it.

    They hide behind the same cheap technicalities as other churches, even though it goes entirely against the nature of the God they claim to serve and represent. If they choose to let God sort it out, what do they think He will do to them for their horrifying behavior and attitudes?

  • WingCommander

    This is a massive undertaking by the state of Pennsylvania. PA has 67 counties, times however many Congregations in each County. Times this, by however many Elders there were from 1987 thru 2019.

    WatchTower has hired the same outside Law Firm the Catholic Church hired to defend their CSA issues, to "prep" the Congregation Elduhzzzz as to what to do, say, etc when questioned by the PA AG. If the Law Firm is smart, they'll the Elduhzzzz that they dare not destroy personal notes, JC forms, blue envelopes, or similar as it's destroying evidence. Maybe if the Elduhzzzz agree to testify against pedos, they'll receive some sort of immunity thru plea bargain agreement?

    What happened to the Harrisburg Arch-Dioceses is peanuts compared to what will come out of this. Other states will pickup on this and start their own investigations. It will be a domino effect. Who will the JW's recruit? Anyone not familiar with JW's who MIGHT be interested, will get a real eye-full with the first Google search.

    ASIDE: There was an on-stage example at an Assembly in Grantville, PA back in Dec/Jan of how perseverance thru informal witnessing pays off. A JW hair stylist and her study were interviewed ON-STAGE about how after 17-years of informal witnessing, the client finally studied and was to be baptized that day. (Insert clapping seals here) There were photos taken. The newly baptized one was an elderly woman who looked about 75. So it took 17 years of nagging a lonely old maid under a hair dryer and couldn't escape, to make ONE convert. And THIS is the example they put up on stage? LOL!!! WT is in big trouble!

  • Ding

    This could be a long process.

    I think Phase 1 of the subpoenas is focusing on getting records rather than on getting testimony from elders and ex-elders.

    Once the Attorney General's staff goes through those records and identifies situations where the elders did nothing or covered up abuse then will come Phase 2 where they will have questions prepared for elders and ex-elders regarding what they did or didn't do, what COs or the Branch advised them to do, etc.

  • Biahi

    The GB is quaking in their boots, I think due to the pedo list they hold…my guess is that current or former GB, and others high up in the borg, are on that list. A public release of that list would be the end of them. 🙏🤭 Pack it up, now, boys! 🖕

  • Fisherman

    The sad thing is, I think this is exactly the WTS's attitude

    No. It reveals your attitude. Instead of realizing that the issue is that Federal law protects the confidentiality of criminals, you don’t see that and still blame WT instead of admitting where the problem comes from.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The big secret advice from the GB is unworkable. Elders not talking to each other? Wives not noticing subpoenas, lawyer meetings, searches, local news---never happen

    The one troubling thing is this seems to be a blanket fishing expedition which may not meet higher court scrutiny

  • TonusOH
    Fisherman: It reveals your attitude.

    Quite true. I believe that the government should not protect religious organizations at the expense of the safety of children. I also believe that religious organizations cannot use these rules to pretend that their hands are clean, even as they hide behind those same rules in order to protect child rapists and fail to help their victims (and in some cases, victimize them even further). You appear to think that this is... misguided?

  • Fisherman
    Quite true. I believe that the government should not protect religious organizations at the expense of the safety of children.

    You don’t get it because of your attitude. The government does not protect religious organizations, it protects the criminals ( their confidential information from being disclosed).

  • Biahi

    How (and what law) protects criminal confidentiality? All arrests are public record.

  • TonusOH
    Fisherman: ( their confidential information from being disclosed).

    Criminal acts are not protected by privacy laws.

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