Dear person from Wichita Kansas who decided to be a snitch.....

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  • pr_capone

    DonnieDarko - you must be ignorant or you must not have read my entire thread. I am angry and upset over the hypocracy of the whole thing. This person who snitched has visited an apostate website. This person is spreading rumors about me. This person is being intentionally malicious. Will this person be counsiled for not comming to me first? Will this person be counciled for visiting a website? Will this person be counsiled because they are gossipers? NO

    That is what angers me. Dont talk to me about what you know nothing of. And yes, there are people that I would like to be able to talk to wether I am a JW or not. Does that mean that I cant do what I want and join the military? I have to live the life that I would as a JW just to be able to associate with some people?

    Buzz off

    Kansas Distritc Overbeer

  • wednesday

    Dear Dirty Snitch,

    May the Bird of paradise fly up your nose,

    may an elephant caress you with his toes,

    may your wife be palgued with runners in her hose,

    may the Bird a of paradise fly up your nose.

  • Billygoat


    I'd be very careful if I were you. You DO NOT want to make an apostate angry. They can easily find out who you are. AND they have connections that could make your life hell. Do you think Jehovah will protect you when you were someplace you shouldn't have been? Be careful. Be very careful my friend.

    Formerly of the Linwood Congregation in Wichita, KS

  • DonnieDarko
  • SheilaM

    hmmm who is Donnie and why can't he read?

  • Ravyn


    you think JWs are targetted by demons? well let me tell you hun, some apostates are witches. and no snitch can stand next to a witch. And some witch apostates are friends with the snitched-on. So basically you don't know demons until you piss off an apostate witch who happens to think of your 'victim' as a friend. funny things happen to the tongues of snitches. unexplained medical conditions. you might even wish you swallowed some crazy glue--since that can be fixed, eventually. and directly related to the snitch tongue curse is the snitch testicle curse. you don't want to know(you'll find out soon enough...)

    LuvYa capone!


  • pr_capone

    Luv ya too Ravyn!!!!! *kisses*

    Ya know that I am trying to walk the path as well, right?

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Ravyn

    actually capone, no I didn't know. maybe we can share some LOL


  • amac

    Nice evil PR there...way to fuel the JW belief that apostates are all possesed by Satan...

  • pr_capone

    So again amac, I should instead of doing what I want to, I should live the life that JW's would have me lead just so I dont make current JW's feel uncomfortable? Nah, I'll do what I want

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