Dear person from Wichita Kansas who decided to be a snitch.....

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  • Sentinel

    Obviously, this person has a terrible crush on you--why else would they be so interested in your every move?

    Hope you find out who it is, so the problem can be addressed. So you can turn the person in for being on an "apostate site".

    It is certainly a form of stalking if you ask me.

  • Francois

    When you discover who this asshole is, let's you and I go over to his house and I'll watch while you beat the snot out of him. Deal?


  • freedom96

    Too bad the person is too chicken sh*t to come forward and admit what they are doing. Obviously, they are a pathetic loser who must stand behind some elders for fear of the unknown if they were to admit it. They have no life, and also must have no brain, for with all the information given here, and they still believe it is the truth, they are a few screws short.

    I feel your pain, for I too would be enraged!

  • waiting

    Hey Eric,

    The best revenge is to live a long, happy, life. - proverbial saying

    At the recent Cult Workshop by Hassan & Watters, this very point was brought out. It's necessary for cults to "demonize" former members. Otherwise, cult members might start thinking that there could be a life outside their cult. Why, the WT can't have you quietly walking away happily - other jw's might get the same idea!

    Also, it's necessary to police their flock. What better way but to encourage them to spy on each other......with impunity, even as a spiritual accomplishment. "Keeping Jehovah's Congregation Clean."

    So, Brother Snitch is doing what's he been taught to do by JW's. Spy & report. No different than the Nazi Youth Groups. People were afraid of their own families - afraid of being reported. And they were. And JW's are in the same predicament. How many people have been df'd because a spouse *talked to the elders* about the doubts of their family?

    As for Brother Snitch coming to you as the scriptures dictate? Lol........the WT won't uphold that. Counter-productive to spying. He can report you in secrecy....that way, he & others will be emboldened to report other people too. If the accused really had the right to confront their accuser, well, people might not be so fast to accuse, eh?

    Of course, it seems ONLY with CHILD MOLESTERS does the WT hang onto their "two witness" and the right of the "accused to see face to face their accuser."


  • hillary_step

    Excellent post Ms. Waiting...


  • rebel


    I really feel for you. It is horrible to have someone you trust betray you. Some people really stink. They may think they are Christians - they are not! They are sad little gutter-snipes who really need to crawl back under the nearest stone.

    I am with you in mind and spirit - don't let these low-lifes grind you down - life is so boring for them - they have to get their excitement from the likes of you and I.


  • dottie


    I'm so sorry that you are being put through this.

    Certainly it is only a coward that would be so bold as to rat out someone. Do you know what they do to rats in prison??? I'm sure that you are wishing this person were in prison now huh...

    Anyway enough of my revenge talk...Eric you will pull through this and you moving on and joining the armed forces is showing that you have a life and you are not afraid to live it! Good for YOU!!

    Many Hugs & Much Love to you



    Stalking is done usually, in stealth (not always) but mostly.

    One would have to wonder why the method used, was used, and the 2 Witness rule was not followed.

    Visiting an apostate site, for what purpose? Investigation, snitching.....good heavens, whomever you are, leave it to the bigwigs and their cronies in Brooklyn, NY., not Wichita, KS., handle it.

    Pr_Capone has offered YOU (whomever you are) an opportunity to explain yourself. Please do so. He has NOTHING to hide, and I think he knows 'who' the culprit is. If there are any redeeming qualities within you, take heed.

    Otherwise a rat is a rat, and even in a congregation, a rat eventually will be avoided and is thus proven over-reactive and non-trustworthy over the long haul.

    Think about it!

  • mattnoel

    Eric, I am behind KW here, send them over we will sort them out !!!!!!

    What the hell is going on here, do the elders not know that you have left ?

    This person needs to Foxtrot Oscar from the board and get a damn life !!!! they are not welcome here, you should speak to the elders though and tell them where to go ! then it cant do it again to you !

  • pr_capone


    I want to make sure this person cant miss this thread

    Kansas District Overbeer

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