Dear person from Wichita Kansas who decided to be a snitch.....

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  • pr_capone

    Once again, whomever you are, you are too chicken shit to talk to me directly. I am so angered that you once again, although I gave you my # and email address with which to contact me, have decided to take information that I have posted directly to the elders. Again, werent you supposed to come to me??? But of course your actions will be excused.

    I found it interesting that you tell them that you "heard" that I went south to Dallas to visit some friends from this site yet you neglect to tell them that YOU have been visiting a website for people who were once Jehovah's Witnesses. Why are you here? What is it to you what I do with my life? Are you trying to save me? If so, why didnt you come TO ME as you are supposed to to begin with???

    I am not intimidated by your chicken shit antics nor am I intimidated by elders. I have decisions to make in my life just as you do in yours. I was happy to have just gone away and go on living my life. I wasnt going to knock on your door on saturday morning trying to change YOUR religion, unlike you. I wasnt going to be spreading the truth about the "truth" to anyone in town. I am done with the whole trying to talk to people about religion. Its people like you that made me want to leave in the first place. Little weasels like you who hide behind the big bad elders.

    If you havent noticed, I dont answer to the elders. I answer to one being in the world, and only then if he/she/it choosed to acknowledge me. I dont know if you were angry or upset with me for something I might have done in the past to you. I dont know why you decided that I had to be punished in some way. I dont know why you wouldnt be content to just not speak to me again. You are as bad as anyone else. YOU are visiting an "APOSTATE" web site. YOU broke the rules when you didnt come directly to me. YOU broke the rules by talking to more than just elders and spreading around what you though.

    I hope that you get the reproving that is comming to you although you probably wont. It will be swept under the carpet with a myriad of other things that people like you get away with. Again, what a chicken shit action for you to take. I will once again offer my email address. [email protected]. Apparently you know me and my family well enough.... if you have the balls to do so, give me a call. I am sure you already have my telephone number or if not mine then that of my family. I think I know who you are. I am not certain. But this looks and feels almost exactly like something someone who was once very close to me did to me some time ago. Come on Brad! Its either you or Blake, but Brad... you are the only one that knows my full name man. Its one or the other. If I am wrong... you are still a chicken shit.

    Ohhhhh, Eric joined the military. Ohhhh, Eric is visiting his "apostate" friends. Ohhhh, Eric is going to an "apostate" web site. You are pathetic. How was it that the bible put it. Remove the straw from your eye before you try to mess with mine. Mind your own damn business.

    Please, be sure to tell the elders where you are getting all this juicy info on me. I'm sure they will be pleased to know. Be sure to print this message where I tell you this last thing. Because there are rules here against posting profane language... I will leave you with this parting thought.....

    Let me know... give me a buzz sometime. We'll do lunch.

    Eremic Granell / Eric Rowe

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • pr_capone

    I hope you all dont mind but I will be bumping this thread to the top quite often as I want to be sure that my personal lurker doesnt miss this one.

    Yeh, it happened again. The person snitched when they read my Got huge news to share thread. Dumbass

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Prisca

    So the gutless wonder still hasn't come forward, then?

  • pr_capone

    Yeh, not only that but the elders wouldnt tell me who it was that told them that I went to Dallas. They said that they would encourage that person to come talk to me. Please... as if that person would ever dare talk to me face to face.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Nobody likes a snitch. May you be condemned to an eternity of palm branch waving and singing praises to Yahweh. Snitch

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    May you spend one thousand years having to remain married to a wife who bores you to death, snitch

  • greven


    You are going thru what I fear most. What an infantile mindset such a person must have: I'm gonna tell the elders on ya....nahnahnahnah. sheesh. Still stuck in primairy school I guess.

    They said that they would encourage that person to come talk to me.

    They better 'encourage' that person to get a life!

    BTW: Are there no society rules that dictate that the elders shouldn't talk to some accuser that did not take the correct 'first step'? Do not obey their rules, but use them against them whenever you can!

    When you do find who did this to you, please take care not to yield to that inner voice that says: I am gonna pop his head like a zit. But make sure he learn his lesson!


  • SYN

    Two words: TWO WITNESSES RULE!!!


  • blackout

    Nasty wichi snitch. Grrrrrr......

    That scared 'em Pr_Capone. They make me ill just trying to get browny points.

  • berylblue

    This person isn't merely a snitch...he is downright treacherous and has the potential to be very dangerous.

    My heart goes out to you. Do keep us informed.


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