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  • Fleur

    tears fill my eyes at just the idea of my family accepting me again. but you know what? i don't know what on earth i would discuss with them even if they did speak to me now, i'm so different. i am no longer the person they turned away from seven years ago.

    does that mean i love them any less? no. if i did, i wouldn't be crying right now, would i?

    i just told my husband yesterday, that being df'd is like a life sentence without the chance of parole. there is no statute of limitations on shunning. i think a person should be judged on the daily content of their life, of what they do with themselves and what they give to others, instead of whether or not their butt warms the seat in a kingdom hall three times a week and a van of 'ministers' once a week.

    i'd welcome them back into my life, because i never turned away from them, i never stopped loving them. life is too short, from my perspective, to hold grudges.

    yes, i love them. thats why it still hurts.

    but it won't ever happen. if they did that, they wouldn't be able to keep people in the borg, and they won't ever let go of their control.

    love to all my old friends here, who knew/know me as esmeralda. lost the old account info and all and just started over.

  • Maya

    oh Fleur.........(((((((((((((Fleur)))))))))))

    I know..........

  • Elsewhere

    First I would say....

    That's funny... according to the letter I got from the WTS, your shunning me is a PERSONAL decision that each individual makes on his own.

    Then I would add:

  • Corvin

    I think I would not react at all. It would not mean alot to me. I have my life and I am very happy. My feelings about the org would change very little.

    The thing is, the WTBTS has much to apologize for. They would still have lots to answer for. If they ever did tell the truth and ask forgiveness of all those they have wronged, it would then be only a matter of me going back. Would I want to? I dunno.


  • maxwell

    I'd say okay. There's no hard feeling here. Things might not go back the way they were immediately and there would be some catching up to do with some family members.

  • GentlyFeral

    There are one or two JW's I miss. They would get a warm hug and a warning that my thinking and principles are much different now, so they might want to change their minds. Or not.

    Everyone else would get a blank stare. Truly, after 20 years in four congregations, most of the JW's I knew are not even ghosts in the wind.


  • Rabbit

    My Gut reaction would be...good, finally, hoo-ray. Love and kisses xoxoxoxo. I really miss people...

    But, then as someone else said...things would NEVER be good and happy like it was. They probably would still feel as tho' they did no wrong to me. "They were just following orders..." Waiting for that s l o w light....

    I would expect an apology...that would never come.

    What about the dead...suicides, wrecked lives and families...?

    How would a person feel...if a loved one died, because the WTS said transplants were a forbidden sin, then the next day a magazine comes out ( I believe it was an Awake! in `85 or `86 ) and says -- it's a conscience matter !!

    I guess I don't really know how I would feel...not shunned, huh?

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    MY relatives in general have not shunned me since being df'ed except for an aunt and she even speaks to me now, I think she is inactive now.

    It wouldn't really matter.

  • natalienu

    Í'd make them work damn hard for my affection!

  • truthbeliever

    After how they have treated me for the last 5 years,I would tell them to get lost.They never loved me they just lured me into the Organization and dumped me.In the Organization all you have to look forward to is baptism,after that,forget it.

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